Have you completed an eight-semester bachelor's degree in cultural, literary or linguistic studies with a Romance component of at least 48 CP and would now like to deal with the diversity of Romance languages ??and cultures across cultures? Would you like to set your professional course at the same time? Then the MA Romance Cultures: Communication, Language, Literature is the right choice!

This course will lead you to a master’s degree within two semesters. Based on cultural studies and sociolinguistic questions, you will deal with interrelationships between Romance cultures, with questions about variation, language use and language contact as well as with language-political aspects and analyzes of literary and media products. In this one year you can once again set specific scientific priorities as well as systematically expand your language and cultural knowledge and implement it in various independent project work.




The admission requirement for the master’s course is proof of a relevant bachelor’s course with a scope of 240 credit points in the field of Romance culture, literature or linguistics with a Romance component of at least 48 CP or proof of a comparable domestic or foreign professional university degree.
If proof of the first degree is not yet available, a transcript of records with a calculated average grade based on at least 80% of the credit points required for the bachelor's degree can be submitted.

The examination board can combine the admission with the condition that additional study achievements and / or examinations of a maximum of 18 credit points are achieved. In this case, the course can be extended accordingly.


Proof of course-specific knowledge and skills:

Knowledge of at least one of the Romance languages ??French, Italian or Spanish at level B2 of the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” must be demonstrated.

It is strongly recommended that prior to the start of the course a stay abroad of at least one semester has been completed in which knowledge of the country or the culture of one of the languages ??studied has been acquired in an academic or non-academic context. If this stay has not been completed before starting your studies, it is strongly recommended that you do this through a research stay of at least three months (e.g. in connection with the master’s thesis).



The course trains you to become an expert in Romance-speaking cultures, so that you can open up a wide range of professional fields in the fields of science and communication, both in the European cultural area and internationally:

  • Research and teaching in the field of Romance languages, literature and cultural studies
  • Language and culture mediation in intercultural institutions
  • Editorial professions (publishing, electronic media, print media, TV)
  • Occupations in administrative services (International Office, universities, DAAD)
  • Work in the foreign service (e.g. EU, UN, embassies)
  • free economy (e.g. management, public relations or internationally operating companies) and politics.

In the course of study, you have the choice of whether you want to do an internship in a non-university professional field or a teaching or research internship within the university, depending on where your professional path should lead you. Alternatively, you can also acquire other soft skills and learn other Romance languages ??that differentiate and sharpen your professional profile.

After successfully completing your master’s degree, you also have the option of doing a doctorate.

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