The aim of the master’s degree in Motology and Psychomotor Skills is to enable graduates to promote development in a holistic, movement-oriented manner. The focus of motology is the question of how one can support people in their development by working with physicality and movement. It deals with all age groups: with children and adolescents, adults and the elderly. As an educational or therapeutic concept, it is represented in a large number of institutions under the umbrella term “psychomotor skills” .


The master's degree in “Motology and Psychomotor Skills” provides you with an application-oriented overall qualification in addition to scientific skills. Graduates work in development and health promotion as well as in therapy. In many educational and therapeutic facilities, motology is used across the age spectrum: in child and youth welfare facilities, in clinics for children, adolescents and adults, in psychiatric and psychosomatic clinics, in facilities for senior citizens, health centers, independent practices, specialist and universities as well as in freelance work.



Proof of a relevant bachelor's degree in the field

  • Educational and educational science
  • Sports science
  • psychology
  • Psychomotor, physiotherapy or occupational therapy or
  • Social pedagogy and work
  • Curative education

or a comparable domestic or foreign professional university degree. A comparable qualification is the completion of a teacher training course with the subject sport as well as special or inclusion / special school education.

In addition, the completed degree must:

  • Competencies from the field of educational science and / or developmental psychology to the extent of at least 30 CP and
  • Competencies in the field of movement science and / or body therapy to the extent of at least 5 CP are proven.



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