The Master’s degree in Fine Arts - Artistic Concepts offers students a deepening and broadening of their artistic and scientific knowledge and skills. The study of fine arts serves to develop a design aesthetic and the development of an artistic attitude as well as the further development of manual artistic and technical skills.


As a major and minor subject, the course combines methods and concepts of the fine arts with the study of a selectable science. By linking the fine arts in the major with a science in the minor, students have the opportunity to develop specific perspectives for inter-media and transdisciplinary research projects.


The students obtain a degree that qualifies them to realize and reflect on artistic concepts and scientific contexts. In addition, they will be able to solve creative tasks in the context of communication and publication projects. The master's degree in Fine Arts - Artistic Concepts opens up a wide range of professional perspectives for artistic, scientific, educational, social and economic tasks in museums, galleries, archives, auction houses, agencies, extracurricular educational institutions, publishing houses and media establishments. Qualifications are given for professional independence as well as for managerial positions. The Master of Arts degree gives access to higher service and, if necessary, to a doctorate in a minor academic subject.



The general admission requirement for the master’s course is proof of completion of a relevant bachelor’s course with an artistic focus or focus in the minor to be chosen for the master’s course or proof of a comparable domestic or foreign professional university degree.

An artistic focus is given if relevant modules with at least 42 CP have been completed. A major in the minor to be chosen for the master’s degree is given if relevant modules with at least 42 CP have been completed. The minor must be included in the Master’s program in Fine Arts - Artistic Concepts in accordance with Appendix 3 of the examination regulations.

The aptitude test commission appointed by the faculty council can combine admission with the condition that additional study achievements and / or examinations of a maximum of 30 CP are achieved. In this case, the course can be extended accordingly


You can obtain information on the aptitude assessment procedure via the link to the application below


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