The subject of Celtology is the languages ??and literatures of the island Celtic peoples (Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Manx, Cymrian (Welsh), Breton and Cornish) as well as the mainland Celtic, which has only survived in fragments.

In addition to working with (original) texts from different periods and types of text, the focus of the course is on the one hand on philological and on the other hand on literary theoretical and historical questions of text indexing. In order to deepen the knowledge of cultural and literary backgrounds, the cultural and intellectual history of the peoples concerned is also included in the consideration.


The focus of the Marburg master’s degree in "Celtology" is the linguistic and literary history research into two medieval Celtic languages, Irish and Cymric, whose rich text corpora, in addition to their linguistic significance, also make a significant contribution to the development of European culture in the Middle Ages.


Professional fields of activity for graduates of the master’s degree in “Celtology” can be found in the areas of adult education, library and publishing (print and audiovisual media), cultural mediation and management, language teaching and public relations.

Further key competencies at organizational, communicative and social as well as intellectual level (competence to independently develop new areas of knowledge; independent organization of own projects; ability to learn; competence of scientific argumentation; moderation competence, analytical and cognitive competence) and foreign language skills expand the professional field in commercial enterprises




Completion of a relevant bachelor's degree in the field of linguistics and cultural studies or proof of a comparable domestic or foreign professional university degree.

If proof of the first degree is not yet available, a transcript of records with a calculated average grade based on at least 80% of the credit points required for the bachelor's degree can be submitted.

The examination board can combine the admission with the condition that additional study achievements and / or examinations of a maximum of 30 credit points are achieved. In this case, the course can be extended accordingly



It will

  • Knowledge of Early / Medieval Irish to the extent of 12 CP
  • as well as knowledge of Middle Cymrian to the extent of 12 CP


Proof of the relevant knowledge is provided by evidence of passed modules or equivalent evidence.

In addition, sufficient knowledge of the English language at at least level B2 in accordance with the “Common European Framework of Reference for Language” must be demonstrated, which enables students to develop the necessary specialist literature and master English-language modules. Knowledge of level C1 is strongly recommended.


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