The master's degree in Art History promotes knowledge and skills for research, for the scientifically secured accompaniment of measures for the preservation and for the communication of the richness of cultural traditions. Building on a broad subject-specific knowledge, you will learn to apply scientific methods and findings independently to complex subjects and the framework conditions of the arts. The course contains a high proportion of courses before originals and thus strengthens the knowledge of monuments (art techniques, history of style, earlier and present forms of presentation). In addition to the diversity of the individual science, you will be instructed in interdisciplinary problem-solving.


The "Systematics" module serves to promote scientific initiative and early participation in research. The “case studies” deal with topics from the entire spectrum of art history. The "field studies" include a large excursion and a project seminar. Parts of the third and fourth semesters are reserved for the final thesis and accompanying colloquia.

In addition, the degree program offers you the freedom to choose modules from other degree programs for the individual setting of priorities.


For graduates of the Art History course, a wide range of career opportunities open up due to their specialist expertise in the visual arts, architecture, applied arts and the intermedia manifestations of modern art movements.

The following areas are particularly suitable here:

  • museum

  • Monument preservation

  • Building research

  • Image archives

  • Art trade

  • Art Consulting

  • Cultural management

  • Adult education

  • tourism branch

  • Print media

  • audiovisual media

The master’s course is also the basis for a doctorate in art history.




Evidence of the completion of a relevant bachelor's degree in the field of "Art History" or evidence of a comparable domestic or foreign professional university degree with an overall grade of at least 2.5.

If proof of the first degree is not yet available, a transcript of records with a calculated average grade based on at least 80% of the credit points required for the bachelor's degree can be submitted.

University degrees from other disciplines entitle access if at least 60 CP have been completed in art history modules and a bachelor's thesis on an art theory / art history topic can be proven.

The examination board can combine the admission with the condition that additional study achievements and / or examinations of a maximum of 30 credit points are achieved. In this case, the course can be extended accordingly


Two foreign languages ??including English or French or Italian . Must be proven

  • a foreign language at level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ??(alternatively: knowledge of Latin at the level of the Latinum , evidenced e.g. by the Abitur certificate), as well as

  • Another foreign language at level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.




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