The bachelor's degree "Romance Cultures: Communication, Language, Literature" imparts linguistic, literary and cultural studies knowledge and skills as well as a solid oral and written command of the language chosen as a focus (French, Italian or Spanish). The cultural diversity and the importance of Romansh-speaking world should be made tangible and examined for origins and intercultural connections.

In the course you will deal intensively with the French, Italian or Spanish language, culture and literature. You will receive a comprehensive overview of the canonical topics of Romance studies and an excellent general education with historical depth. Lessons in relatively small groups will primarily benefit your language practice. Special attention is paid to the technical expression in German and in the chosen foreign language. The flexible profile area gives you the opportunity to design your studies in a multilingual and interdisciplinary manner. You will choose a focus language from French, Italian and Spanish in which you have knowledge of level A2.
Furthermore, the flexible profile area gives you the opportunity to design your studies in a multilingual and interdisciplinary manner.

When studying abroad at one of our attractive partner universities, you will gain valuable intercultural experience and immerse yourself in the life and culture of your host country through your independent project work. You will be individually guided and supervised in these steps. A job-oriented internship gives you an insight into possible professional fields.



General university entrance qualification or subject-related university entrance qualification 1 or technical college entrance qualification or master craftsman's examination as well as comparable qualifications in professional advancement training or professionally qualified persons

1 The university decides on the validity of the subject binding for this course.


Course-specific knowledge and skills to be proven prior to admission


Admission restriction

free (no NC)



The study of the bachelor's degree "Romance Cultures: Communication, Language, Literature" prepares you for a large and varied range of later work opportunities.
Areas of activity for Romance scholars are, for example, university research or university education, as employees in archives and libraries or museums. However, they can also be used in commercial enterprises in human resources, in communication with international partners or in marketing. Their activities in the field of European and international organizations and institutions are just as diverse. With a Romance studies degree as a basis, you can work as an interpreter, diplomat or in public relations at the Foreign Office. Those who are attracted by journalism and the media industry can write for a newspaper as a journalist, work as a foreign correspondent for radio or television,

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