The aim of the four-year bachelor's degree "Near and Middle Eastern Studies (international)" is to acquire a broad basic knowledge of the countries of the Near and Middle East as well as the acquisition of skills in one or more of the central lingua franca or cultural languages ??of this region, extended by a year Stay abroad in the region. The students gain a historical overview that gives them access to the region in its diversity and dynamics and enables them to classify social, political and cultural processes and dynamics in larger contexts. This applies both to the historical depth of the 5000-year cultural history and to the current situation. Internationality, intercultural competence,

The course offers in-depth language training in Arabic, Turkish, Persian and other specific languages ??for Ancient Near Eastern and Semitic Studies. The course is also interdisciplinary and offers individual priorities from the following subject areas:

  • Arabic studies
  • Islamic Studies
  • Middle Eastern Politics
  • Middle Eastern economies
  • Iranian Studies
  • Semitic studies
  • Ancient Near Eastern Studies

In general, the course gives you a general overview of the region by taking modules from a wide range of courses according to your interests.
You can also choose from a wide range of courses from other, also non-subject, courses so that you can create interdisciplinary access to the region. In this way you will open up the Middle East and the MENA region, each with individual accentuation. In order to get the political or economic focus on the certificate, predefined achievements are required.
The year abroad, which is completed in the third academic year, the 5th and 6th semester, counts with 60 credit points (6 CP preparation and follow-up, 54 CP language and specialist courses or internship on site) as part of the regular part of the 4-year-old BA "Near and Middle Eastern Studies (international)". This is how the longer duration of study and the increased number of credit points come about. Graduates of the international BA have the option of completing a Master’s degree at the Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies (CNMS) to study the one-year Master’s Middle Eastern Studies (60 CP), which is specially tailored to their needs. The semester abroad can be completed at the center's partner universities in Rabat, Cairo, Amman, Al-Ein, Istanbul and Tehran.



General university entrance qualification or subject-related university entrance qualification 1 or technical college entrance qualification or master craftsman's examination as well as comparable qualifications in professional advancement training or professionally qualified persons

 The university decides on the validity of the subject binding for this course.

Course-specific knowledge and skills to be proven prior to admission

Knowledge of English at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages .

Admission restriction

free (no NC)


There are career opportunities for graduates of the Bachelor's degree in "Near and Middle Eastern Studies (international)" in particular in the areas of cultural mediation and intercultural training, culture and science management, foundation work, political and business consulting, adult education, migration work, Public relations, media and tourism industry, language teaching, advisory and expert services as well as the organization of international events and exhibitions.
The intensive language and specialist training at the CNMS will prepare you as well as possible for entering your professional life.

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