The bachelor's degree in "Movement and Sports Science" combines fundamental competencies from theoretical fields of sports science with practical movement approaches in the social field of movement, sport and physicality Medicine, Training and Health. 
The course is divided into modules on sports science theoretical fields and exercise practice. Basic modules are interlinked with the degree program for the sports teaching profession. This is followed by theory- and research-oriented in-depth study and occupational field-oriented explorations and reflections, which lead to study profiles according to one's own interests. For this, one of the focal points “Inclusion and all-day education”, “Cultural education” and “Medicine, training and health” can be selected. A further focus can also be made with the final bachelor thesis. Furthermore, modules from other courses at the university as well as exchange programs with foreign universities enable an interdisciplinary and international orientation of the course. 



General university entrance qualification or subject-related university entrance qualification 1 or technical college entrance qualification or master craftsman's examination as well as comparable qualifications in professional advancement training or professionally qualified persons

1  The university decides on the validity of the subject binding for this course.

Course-specific knowledge and skills to be proven prior to admission:

Due to the special sports motor requirements in the study of movement and sports science, special prerequisites must be proven for admission to the degree:

1. Fitness for sport: A medical certificate of fitness for sport, which must not be older than four months.

2. Specific sporting aptitude:
The specific sporting aptitude must be proven by the following documents to be submitted:
a) A successfully completed aptitude test at another university that is not older than two years


b) further evidence, each of which is rewarded with aptitude points. At least 30 aptitude points must be achieved in total:

  • German lifeguard badge (bronze), not older than two years (10 aptitude points)
  • Sports badge (silver), not older than two years (10 aptitude points)
  • Sport in the Abitur:
    grade from a basic sport course:
    grade points 14 and 15 = 10 aptitude
    points grade points 12 and 13 = 05 aptitude points
    grade from an
    advanced course sport: grade points 14 and 15 = 30 aptitude
    points grade points 12 and 13 = 25 aptitude
    points grade points 10 and 11 = 20 Aptitude points in the
    sports examination:
    Grade points 14 and 15 = 20 aptitude
    points Grade points 12 and 13 = 15 aptitude
    points Grade points 10 and 11 = 10 aptitude points
  • Proof of trainer licenses of the sports associations or proof of practical training management (s) in sports clubs:
    License level Trainer A: 12 aptitude points
    License level Trainer B: 07 aptitude points
    License level Trainer C: 05 aptitude points
    Preliminary qualification of a state sports federation or a professional association (sports helper or coaching assistant) : 02 aptitude points
    Exercise / training management over at least 1 year: 03 aptitude points
  • if an equivalent international university entrance qualification is available instead of a high school diploma, the subject sport must be shown in the diploma. Aptitude points are awarded for the converted grade as follows:
    Decimal grade 1.0 = 30 aptitude points In
    descending order for each first digit after the decimal point, one less aptitude point is awarded up to a decimal grade 4.0 = 0 aptitude points



c) Other evidence will be checked on a case-by-case basis and taken into account if they are equivalent. Compensation for disadvantages can be granted upon request. Compensation for disadvantages must be applied for in writing.

Admission restriction:

free (no NC)



The bachelor's degree "Movement and Sports Science" qualifies you for activities in the field of youth and adult education, cultural, inclusive and all-day education as well as sports and health promotion in sports facilities and other providers. The BA degree also provides the basis for a master’s degree.

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