How does the social interaction work? Why do some societies sink into chaos while others are doing well? How is it that some countries get rich and others stay poor? And why do women still earn less than men? With the tools of sociology you will learn to answer these questions. In addition to, for example, knowledge of empirical social research and statistics, this also includes dealing with sociological theories, which allow you to use explanations and different perspectives on the most important social issues.
In Marburg you will learn the basics of the subject and offer a wide range of specialization options - from peace and conflict research to the topics of work, economics and gender. The focus is clearly on training that qualifies you less as a scientific mediator between research and practice and more as a user of sociological and sociological knowledge. The professional orientation on the one hand and the preparation for further research-oriented courses on the other hand go hand in hand.



General higher education entrance qualification or subject-related higher education entrance

qualification 1 or technical college entrance qualification or master craftsman's examination as well as comparable qualifications in professional advancement training or professionally qualified persons

 The university decides on the validity of the subject binding for this course.

Course-specific knowledge and skills to be proven prior to admission:



The bachelor's degree qualifies you for different professional fields, such as: B.

  • Personnel planning as well as personnel and organizational development,
  • Social research as well as market and opinion research,
  • Journalism,
  • Media and public relations,
  • Development policy and development cooperation,
  • Academic career in research and teaching through an MA degree and a doctorate.

These professional fields can be found in the public and private sector as well as in association work and in organizations that represent political, social and cultural interests. Depending on your degree, you can work in project planning or management, administration, research or consulting.

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