Do you have wanderlust, would you like to travel the world and get to know different cultures better and understand other people's worlds? Then you are exactly right with us!

The BA course in Interdisciplinary Literature and Cultural Studies gives you exciting insights into two of your chosen languages ??and the cultures associated with them. In addition to the literary and cultural studies content, your studies complement related disciplines - such as philosophy, politics, sociology or economics.

Choose your focus from four interesting combinations:

  • Mediterranean Studies: Examine the Mediterranean region in all its facets in Romance Studies, Arabic Studies & Political Science
  • Orient-Antiquity Studies: Understand the connections between the philosophical thinking of Europe and the Middle East in Greek, Semitic / Arabic & philosophy
  • Iran-America Studies: Analyze the economic, cultural, and political relationships between Iran and the United States in Iranian Studies, American Studies & Political & Social Sciences, or Economics
  • America Antiquity Studies: Explore the origins and influences of economic thought from antiquity to the present day in American Studies, Greek Studies & Economics



General higher education entrance qualification or subject-related higher education entrance

qualification 1 or technical college entrance qualification or master craftsman's examination as well as comparable qualifications in professional advancement training or professionally qualified persons

  The university decides on the validity of the subject binding for this course.

If you choose to focus on Intercultural Iran-America Studies (Core C) or Intercultural America-Antiquity Studies (Core D), proof of English skills at level B2 of the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” must be provided. The examination office of Faculty 10 must be informed about the choice of specialization and submission of the language certificate .


 .Language level B2

The language level B2 of the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ??of the Council of Europe" is proven by fulfilling one of the following criteria:

  • School reports proving the foreign language for at least 5 years up to the degree that entitles you to university entrance. The final grade, if applicable the average grade of the last two years, must be at least the German grade 4 (sufficient) or 5 points. You can find out how to prove the foreign language skills you have acquired in school lessons 

If you can not prove the language level from your school lessons, the following alternatives apply :

  • A course of at least two years at a secondary educational institution in which the language to be verified is the primary language of instruction
  • or one of the following language certificates (comparable certificates are subject to a case-by-case examination):


Furthermore, participation in individual modules or module parts can be made dependent on the fulfillment of specific module access requirements. A corresponding list of modules can be found in the study and examination regulations linked above (Appendix 2).

Admission restriction

free (no NC)



You will acquire intercultural and interdisciplinary skills, you will be able to produce, understand, explain and reflect on texts in foreign languages, and you will be able to develop cultural, social and historical connections.

This means that many exciting professional fields are open to you, for example:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Political Foundations
  • NGOs
  • Management in culture and science
  • And much more…

You also have the opportunity to study numerous master’s courses, for example:  

  • MA Modern Arab Politics, Society and Culture
  • MA Iranian Studies
  • MA North American Studies
  • MA Romance language and cultural areas
  • MA Semitic and Ancient Near Eastern Philology
  • MA Classical Philology

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