The bachelor's degree in European literatures offers you basic literary studies, during which the theory and history of literature are studied from an intercultural and interdisciplinary perspective. In addition to in-depth knowledge of two European literatures that can be chosen from the range of subjects at Philipps University, you will also learn about European literary history and theory in interdisciplinary modules. The course offers you a cultural-historical network that enables you to transfer between different literary, linguistic and cultural areas in Europe.
The Bachelor “European Literature” is an interdisciplinary course involving the literature subjects English, German, Classical Philology, Celtology and Romance Philology from the departments of German and Art Studies as well as Foreign Language Philologies at Philipps University. In addition to the interdisciplinary compulsory components, you will acquire knowledge of individual European literary, language and cultural areas in two compulsory elective areas in the bachelor's degree in European literatures. From the elective courses offered by the university, you choose two literary subjects (e.g. Anglophone Literature, German Literature, Literature from Ancient Greece, Celtic Literature, French Literature / Italian Literature / Spanish Literature or Literature from Ancient Rome),



General higher education entrance qualification or subject-related higher education entrance

qualification 1 or technical college entrance qualification or master craftsman's examination as well as comparable qualifications in professional advancement training or professionally qualified persons

1 The university decides on the validity of the subject binding for this course.

Course-specific knowledge and skills to be proven prior to admission

At the beginning of the course, knowledge of English and another modern European literary language (except German) must be proven. One of these two foreign languages ??must be proven at level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference , the other foreign language at level A2 .

If knowledge of Latin or ancient Greek is asserted instead of the other modern European literary language in addition to English, this must be proven at the level of the Latinum or the Graecum by means of an Abitur certificate or otherwise.

Admission restriction

free (no NC)




The bachelor's degree in European literatures, with its interdisciplinary orientation, qualifies you for professional fields and activities that are particularly closely related to European literature and culture:

  • European publishing
  • Literary and cultural journalism
  • Radio, television, new media
  • theatre
  • Book trade
  • European marketing
  • Culture and public relations
  • Study academies and universities

Successful completion of the bachelor's degree also gives you the opportunity to obtain a degree in a postgraduate master's degree.

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