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Medical Students who are looking to work in the healthcare sector in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Dubai, Germany and Singapore are needed to appear for their OET (Occupational English Test) in order to establish their experties  in the English Language skill in a healthcare environment. For students to be able to effectively score well in their OET exam they would be required to know the OET Syllabus/ OET Exam Pattern. Managed by Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment Trust (CBLA), the latest OET Pattern is as follows.

The entire OET Exam is parted into four sections, the Listening Section, which is on 50 minutes in duration and is made up of 3 parts; the Reading Section, which is for 60 minutes and divided into 3 parts; the Writing Section, which is profession-specific and needs students  to write a letter of recommendation and finally the last section; the Speaking Section that needs the students to enact a setting from the healthcare environment.

OET Paper Pattern

OET Exam Pattern/ Sections

Test Duration

OET Description


45 minutes

The Listening subsection is divided into 3 parts that test the candidates listening capabilities in various formats.


60 minutes

The Reading subsection is divided into 3 parts that test the candidates reading capabilities in various formats.


45 minutes

The Writing subsection is profession-specific and requires candidates to write a letter of reference.


20 minutes

The Writing subsection is profession-specific and requires candidates to enact a roleplay from the healthcare environment.

OET Listening Section

A total duration of 45 minutes, the Listening consists of a total of 42 questions parted into 3 parts. Students would each hear the recorded speech once and would be expected to answer the questions while at it. The total duration of the exam would include dealing with topics of generic healthcare interests across all Medical Students. 

  • Part A (Consultation Extracts)

This is the first task, Medical Students will require to identify specific information during a consultation. Students will require to complete the health professional notes from listening to the two recorded health professional-patient consultations.

  • Part B (Short Workplace Extracts)

In the second task, Students will require to listen to multiple recorded messages that could range from team briefings, handovers, to health professional-patient dialogues and answer one multiple-choice question for each message. In the second part, the student is tested on identifying details of short messages from the healthcare workplace.

  • Part C (Presentation Extracts)

In the third and final task of the Listening section will require students to listen to many recorded presentations or interviews on a range of accessible medical topics and answer multiple-choice questions for each message.

OET Reading Section

As a total duration of 60 minutes, the Reading section is made up of 42 questions, divided into 3 parts. Students will require to answer the question of generic medical related topics.

  • Part A (Expeditious Reading)

In the first task, students will require to read four short essays and locate specific information from the texts. The essays provided to the students would be related to general medical topics. The questions could vary from match the following, sentence completion to short answer questions.

  • Part B (Careful Reading)

For the second task, students will be given multiple short texts related to generic medical topics and students will require to identify the main points and answer multiple-choice questions. The essays can include topics ranging from policy guidelines, hospital guides, manuals, emails, memos to internal communication.

  • Part C (Careful Reading)

As per the third and the final task, pertaining to the Reading section, students will require to identify the detailed meaning of the topic provided to them and answer multiple questions for the same.

Writing Section

A total duration of 45 minutes, the Writing section needs the students to write a letter, usually a letter of reference in his/her field of specialty. The stiudent will be provided with background information to his work which he may or may not incorporate into his reference letter. This particular task is work-specific, hence while a nurse would have to write a letter specific to nursing a dentist would be required to write a reference letter specific to dentistry.

Speaking Section

With a total duration of 20 minutes, students are needed to individually enact their professional role in real-life scenarios in a professional medical environment. A profession-specific exercise, students are required to roleplay their profession while the panelist plays a patient for the first part, and the roles are reversed in the latter. Students are given 3 minutes to prepare for each side before the start of each act. The roleplays are basically based on mock workplace situations that reflect the mood of the medical environmement. The students would be given enough background information to prepare for their roleplay sessions.


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