The Faculty of Physics at the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich offers a four-semester Master of Science degree program in meteorology and atmospheric physics. Studies can be started both in the winter and summer semester. This Master's program is divided into two blocks: In the first and second semesters the Master's students attend courses in the research areas of meteorology and atmospheric Physics. The third and fourth semesters are devoted to the one-year master's thesis. 

Goals of the Master's Degree Program

The Master's students will acquire the following basic knowledge and abilities during their studies:

  • Capability of thinking in physics concepts
  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of and the interrelations in meteorology and atmospheric physics, its basic procedures and scientific methods, and, building on this knowledge, the ability to work autonomously,
  • Ability to realize and assimilate recent developments, as well as to judge interdisciplinary meteorological questions.

The Master's students also develop skills in the handling of measurement equipment, as well as knowledge of measuring methods (both in-situ- and remote sensing methods). Mathematics and Physics are the prerequisite and basis for describing and understanding meteorological problems and interrelations. The major part of the courses in the Master's degree program is composed of the research areas of meteorology and atmospheric physics. Great importance is placed on the Practical Phase, which is followed by the phase of writing the Master's thesis. Studying meteorology and atmospheric physics also means to engage with many related sciences. Meteorology and atmospheric physics has an impact on almost all areas of life, and is therefore of great importance for life on earth.

Programme Structure

You may start studying the Master's program in Meteorology in October as well as in April. In total, students in the Master's program in Meteorology need to achieve 120 ECTS credit points, distributed in the following manner:

  1st term 2nd term 3rd term 4th term


(mandatory lectures)

Advanced Physics of the Atmosphere

9 ECTS / graded / winter term only


Advanced Dynamics of the Atmosphere

9 ECTS / graded / winter term only


Meteorological seminar

3 ECTS / graded

Practical Phase I

15 ECTS / not graded

Master's thesis

30 ECTS / graded

Elective courses (*)

36 ECTS / graded

Practical Phase II

15 ECTS / graded

Key qualifications

Key qualifications

3 ECTS / not graded


(*) Details

Elective courses (lectures, exercises, seminars and/or lab courses) from research areas of Meteorology (altogether 36 ECTS). Please note that

  • at most 12 ECTS points from lab courses may be recognized.
  • one seminar is mandatory. Additionally up to 12 ECTS points from further seminars may be recognized.

Nearly all lectures will be given in English. Some of the courses may be offered in German but the Master programm can be done completely in English. Usually, German courses will be given in English upon request. Please contact the corresponding professor for more specific informations.

Entry Requirement

In addition to the general requirements for admission to the university, applicants also need to meet the specific requirements for admission to the Master's of Science (MSc) degree programs in Physics, Astrophysics, and Meteorology:

  • the successful completion of a first professionally qualifying university degree or an equivalent degree obtained in Germany or abroad either in Physics, Astrophysics, Meteorology or in another mathematical/scientific field, and
  • the successful participation in an assessment procedure conducted by the Faculty of Physics for the purpose of determining whether the applicant is eligible for the Master's program to which he or she is applying. 

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