The Masters in English Studies is a four-semester programme delivered in the English language. Courses are offered in Linguistics (synchronic and diachronic), Literary and Cultural Studies and in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). In addition, the opportunity is given to further improve students’ usage of the English language.

The Masters programme in English studies provides 120 credit points in total (2 modules, each with 15 credits, per semester) which means that there is no minor subject in addition.

The programme is divided into basic modules and so-called profile modules. In the first three semesters the curriculum requires students to take one basis and one profile module each semester. Students can decide for themselves whether they wish to take these modules from the same discipline (Linguistics, Literary Studies or TEFL) or if they prefer to mix them.

This means that within the framework of the Masters programme it is possible to choose your modules in such a way that you cover all disciplines in English Studies, specialising only in the fourth semester through the choice of your thesis topic. On the other hand, the study plan/curriculum also allows students the option of choosing all their modules from either Linguistics (synchronic or diachronic) or Literary Studies, thus specialising in one of these disciplines from the very beginning.

In addition, students can specialise even further within linguistics, choosing between synchronic and diachronic branches of the subject. It is also possible to opt for a specialisation in the field of Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Program Structure

The MA English Studies is one of four semesters landscaped English-language program. As part of the MA English Studies, events on synchronous and diachronic linguistics, literary and cultural studies as well as didactics of English language and literature are offered. In addition, the opportunity to perfect the command of the English language is given.

As part of the MA English Studies, 120 ECTS points (2 modules of 15 credits each per semester) are acquired; so no minor is chosen.

The course is divided into basic modules and profile modules. From the first to the third semester, the curriculum provides for the completion of one basic and one profile module per semester. Students can decide freely whether they choose the basic and profile modules from the same area (linguistics, literary studies, subject didactics) or whether they combine them freely.

As part of the MA English Studies, it is therefore possible on the one hand to attend modules from all areas offered, so that qualifications in all academic areas of English studies can be demonstrated through the MA . A focus is then only set in the fourth semester by choosing the MA thesis.

On the other hand , the curriculum also makes it possible to choose all the modules to be taken either from the field of linguistics (synchronous or diachronic) or from literary studies and thus focus on either literary studies or linguistics right from the start. In addition, further specializations can be chosen within linguistics: Students can choose between synchronous linguistics on the one hand and diachronic linguistics on the other. In addition, a focus on subject didactics, English language teaching , is also possible.

Students who want to look beyond the horizons of English studies and who are interested in a special profile can also use modules from the joint humanities and social sciences profile area and thus from a wide range of those offered at the LMU as part of the profile modules of the second and third semesters Choose subjects.

Entry Requirement


Studies in this course can only be started in the winter semester .

Admission to the MA English Studies depends on the fulfillment of admission requirements. The MA English Studies is an aptitude test course . Only those who successfully complete this aptitude test can enroll in a second step at LMU for the MA English Studies. The prerequisite for admission to the aptitude test is the successful completion of a relevant first degree in English ; this must have been completed with at least an average grade of 2.5 .


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