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Linguistics, also known as general linguistics, is concerned with the structure of languages. Linguist * inside interested in  all the languages that people speak, write or behaving are or were. In the linguistics course you learn how phonetic and writing systems , sentence structure and the level of meaning of language can be examined. In particular, the course conveys the ability to analyze specific language material (words, sentences, texts, utterances). A key question in modern linguistics is: What happens in our heads when we produce and understand utterances (cognition)?



In the first two semesters of the linguistics degree, you will learn the necessary basic knowledge . This includes theoretical introductions and seminars in which the scientific working methods are practiced. There are also so-called language structure courses that give you an insight into languages ??that differ significantly from your mother tongue. Some questions you will be dealing with during this time are:



Linguists are qualified for a wide range of employment opportunities, particularly in the area of language or foreign language didactics , journalism and science administration . Fields of work are also possible in which a lot is communicated or information must be obtained and conveyed - for example in areas of corporate  communication  or  public relations .

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