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The Bachelor minor in Economics (VWL) is aimed at students of the humanities whose future professional field will interface with market and macroeconomic problems.

In this minor subject, the students will acquire in-depth knowledge of market and macroeconomic facts, functional mechanisms and relationships and thus acquire the ability to analyze and solve economic problems in a structured manner.

An important basis for this is an understanding of the decision-making and microeconomic fundamentals of what happens in the goods, labor and capital markets, the functional mechanisms on these markets and the interdependence of these markets on the macroeconomic level as well as the central goals and instruments of economic policy, in particular social and environmental policy. In addition, the minor in economics provides central insights into the interactions between national economies and the global economy and into the location decisions of companies and private households as well as the resulting spatial structure of an economy.




Career opportunities are primarily determined by the chosen humanities major.

Job descriptions and job information can be found in the BERUFENET database of the Federal Employment Agency:

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