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The bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science conveys theoretical and methodological basic knowledge in the entire breadth of interdisciplinary research into the mind and brain. Particular emphasis is placed on the mathematical orientation of the modeling of human behavior using computer-based simulation methods based on cognitive and neuroscientific theories and models.

The students are enabled to program scientifically for the design of cognitive science experiments and for mathematical modeling and can integrate the acquired cognitive science, psychological and linguistic knowledge for applications in data science and modeling.


The cognitive science bachelor's degree is designed as a single-subject bachelor's degree. The bachelor's degree has a modular structure. A fixed number of credit points as well as certain study and examination achievements must be achieved in each module. 

In total, cognitive science has a scope of 180 credit points and comprises the contents shown in the overview below. 


Credit points

Compulsory modules
150 LP

I. Introductory modules :

Introduction to Cognitive Science 12 LP
General Psychology I 9 LP
General Psychology II 9 LP
Biological psychology 9 LP
Developmental psychology 9 LP
Introduction to psycho- and neurolinguistics 9 LP
Philosophy for Cognitive Science 6 LP

II. Specialization modules:

Cognitive and Biological Psychology 6 LP
Specialization in language acquisition, language processing and neurolinguistics 9 LP
Computational Linguistic Techniques 6 LP

III. Extension module:

Introduction to the mathematical modeling of cognitive processes 12 LP

IV. Skills specific to the occupational field :

Empirical-experimental internship 6 LP
Statistics and empirical methods 6 LP
Programming of cognitive science experiments 6 LP

V. Mathematical basics:

Mathematics for Computer Science I 6 LP
Mathematics for Computer Science II 6 LP
Basics of stochastics 6 LP

VI. IT basics:

programming language 6 LP
Algorithms and data structures 6 LP
Software engineering I 6 LP

VII. Elective area: linguistic and / or IT specialization modules

Students take 2 or 3 modules with a total of 18 CP as a compulsory elective.

18 LP
Psycho- and neurolinguistics 12 LP
Theoretical basics: efficient algorithms 6 LP
Intelligent data analysis 6 LP
Artificial intelligence 6 LP
Multimedia technology 6 LP
Advanced Module Computer Science I 6 LP
bachelor thesis  12 LP
total 180 LP


Proof of a university entrance qualification is required for the bachelor's degree at the University of Potsdam.


The graduates master background knowledge, methods and working methods for taking up a professional activity or for continuing their studies in a master’s degree in cognitive and neurosciences and related areas. Fields of application are at the interface of the natural sciences with the cognitive and neurosciences and range from the design of data acquisition systems and human user interfaces to biomedical technology to the design of online platforms and data science.

Graduates have learned to critically reflect on their own work processes and can define goals independently and reevaluate them again and again in the work process. You can constructively contribute your specialist knowledge to teams of experts and present your contributions to complex problems to experts with arguments.

Due to the basic mathematical and IT-related training as well as the acquired knowledge of cognitive-psychological processes in perception and language processing, graduates qualify for a wide range of activities. With the first professional qualification in cognitive science, possible fields of activity arise, especially in professional fields of computer science, software development, knowledge and information management as well as education and communication technologies.

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