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Business informatics deals with the conception, development and application of business information systems as well as with the analysis, design and use of information in business processes. As an interdisciplinary subject between computer science and business administration, the technological and methodological basics come from computer science, while the fields of application are predominantly in the operational area.

Accordingly, the subject of teaching and research in the business informatics course at the University of Potsdam is divided into joint compulsory and compulsory elective modules on informatics, including areas of theoretical, practical, applied, technical and human-scientific informatics, as well as business administration, including courses on organization and personnel -, marketing, start-up and innovation management, taxes or auditing.

In an eight-week internship, the students experience directly that business informatics is more than the intersection of two disciplines, but that human and social components also play an important role in the successful coordination of corporate strategy and information processing.


The bachelor's degree in business informatics is designed as a single-subject bachelor's degree. The bachelor's degree has a modular structure. Within the modules, the course content is thematically summarized in different study and teaching forms. A fixed number of credit points as well as certain study and examination achievements must be achieved in each module.

The course has a total of 180 credit points and includes the content shown in the overview below. In the bachelor thesis, topics of business informatics or computer science can be dealt with. 


Credit points

Business informatics (compulsory modules) 42 LP

Introduction to business informatics

Application systems in industry, trade and administration

Business process management

Databases and information systems 

Mathematics for business informatics

Specialization in business informatics I

Specialization in business informatics II

6 LP

6 LP

6 LP

6 LP

6 LP

6 LP

6 LP

Computer science (compulsory modules) 42 LP

Programming basics

Practice programming

Algorithms and data structures

Formal basics of computer science

Software engineering I

Software engineering specialization

Computer science specialization

6 LP

6 LP

6 LP

6 LP

6 LP

6 LP

6 LP

Business administration 48 LP

1. Basics I (compulsory elective modules - 36 CP) | Six modules of 6 CP each have to be taken.

  • Introduction to business administration
  • Bookkeeping
  • Annual financial statements
  • Introduction to leadership, organization, personnel
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Management in the digital age
  • Controlling, cost and performance accounting

2. Basics II (compulsory elective module - 6 CP) | A module of 6 CP is to be selected.

  • investment
  • financing

3. Specialization (compulsory elective module - 6 CP) | A module of 6 CP is to be selected.

  • Organization and management
  • Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Controlling
  • Auditing and corporate governance
  • Group accounting and international accounting
  • Sustainable innovation management
  • Company formation
  • Public Management 1
  • Bank management
  • Financial management
  • Corporate and competitive strategy




specialization 6 LP

Elective module | A module of 6 CP has to be taken.

  • Computer Science II
  • Business informatics specialization III
  • statistics
  • A module from the specialization area Business Administration (3rd specialization)


Key competencies 30 LP

Basic academic skills - compulsory modules

  • Scientific methodology of business informatics (including self-reflection and planning)
  • Business informatics project


12 LP

6 LP
6 LP

Job-specific skills: compulsory modules

  • IT law
  • internship


12 LP

6 LP

6 LP

Job-specific skills: compulsory elective module

A module of 6 CP must be taken from the Studiumplus * offer. The Studiumplus module “Digital Information Processing, Design and Visualization” cannot be taken.

6 LP
bachelor thesis  12 LP
total 180 LP


A key requirement for this course is the ability to think in a structured and abstract way. So if you enjoy mathematics, you are ideally suited for studying business informatics. Any knowledge and skills gaps in mathematics can be closed before the start of the course in a bridging course offered by the university.

Business informatics also relates to the engineering design of systems for users. Therefore, communication and presentation skills are also required during studies and later in the job. And finally, good teamwork skills and English skills are required in the field of business informatics.


The business informatics bachelor's degree provides a broad basic knowledge and introduces the application of methods and theories in companies and public administration. The students learn to analyze, design, implement and use different information systems in organizations and across organizations. They will be familiarized with the scientific penetration of their specialist area and will be able to understand the potential benefits of the targeted information supply, especially for the internal and inter-company organization of information, goods and money flows, as future decision-makers and actors, and to realize them through the appropriate use of information systems.

The course also enables you to start your career directly and qualifies you for key positions in all corporate areas and industries in which there is a high IT-reference. Use within the IT department is possible. This includes activities in system development or system analysis, user advice, IT controlling and IT organization. On the other hand, it can be used outside the IT department at various interfaces. These are primarily business-oriented specialist departments with a pronounced IT focus, such as controlling, logistics, procurement, sales and marketing.


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