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The subject of law - or colloquially also law - deals with the research, characterization and interpretation of current and historical legal texts and other sources. This forms the basis for a proper discussion of questions and problems of national and international jurisprudence.
The content and objectives of the law studies at the University of Potsdam are described in the Brandenburg Legal Training Act (BbgJAG). The course is then divided into the legal areas of civil law, criminal law and public law.
The one-subject bachelor's degree (standard period of study 6 semesters) in law with the degree Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) opens up a wide range of professional perspectives and the possibility of further academic qualification through corresponding master’s courses.
The first legal examination (standard period of study 9 semesters) consists of a university and a state part (Section 1 (2) BbgJAG). The qualification for the office of judge only takes place with the second legal examination, which forms the conclusion of the preparatory service. (Section 5 (1) DRiG). However, this is not part of the course.


Basically, skills are required to express oneself precisely orally and in writing and to be able to reproduce thoughts in a structured manner. Having fun with the language is an advantage here. Because in law school and later in your career you have to work carefully and choose words and their meanings with care. Self-discipline, a good memory, perseverance and the unconditional will to achieve the goal of the study are also important.In addition to a broad general education, the ability to think logically and abstractly should be mentioned as a general qualification requirement. Understanding and interest in political, economic and social processes and relationships should be brought along. Good knowledge of foreign languages ??(especially English and French) will become even more important for lawyers in the future. 


During your studies you will acquire knowledge of the legal system with its historical, social and legal philosophical foundations as well as its references to European law. You will also become familiar with the methods of law and develop the ability to apply the law.
The Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree enables you to enter professional fields that do not require a state examination in law. This can include activities in commercial enterprises, in clubs and associations, in the Federal Foreign Office, in libraries and archives, in the criminal and police enforcement service as well as in banking and insurance.
The legal studies with completion of the first legal examination form the basis for all classic professional fields of a lawyer: judge, public prosecutor, lawyer, notary, administrative lawyer, business lawyer (e.g. in-house lawyer), association lawyer and fields of work in science.

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