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There is a consensus on the subject areas to which school instruction and teaching-related studies extend: democratic order and political decision-making, changes in social structures and forms of coexistence in modern societies, international politics and peacekeeping, law and order as well as economic order and policy.In line with this thematic orientation, the teaching post-related bachelor's degree in political education at the University of Potsdam introduces the social science disciplines of political science, sociology, economics and law. Basic concepts, theories and methods are taught.Another focus of the course are practical modules. Various courses in political didactics and the day internship in schools during the semester pave the way for initial skills in the planning, design and reflection of classes in the subject of political education.


The bachelor's degree is modular. Within the modules, the course content is thematically summarized in different study and teaching forms. A fixed number of credit points as well as certain study and examination achievements must be achieved in each moduleThe teaching-related bachelor's degree comprises a total of 180 credit points (CP). The subject of political education for secondary levels is included with 69 credit points. The subject of political education comprises the modules shown in the overview below, which focus on the scientific and practical foundations of the subject and its didactics


Credit points

Compulsory modules 63 LP

Specialized modules
Introduction to political and administrative science and scientific work The
political system of Germany in a European context
History of ideas and political theory
International politics
Introduction to social structure analysis
Politics and law
Introduction to economics

Modules of subject
didactics Subject didactic basics
Planning and analysis of political lessons

44 LP
6 LP
6 LP
6 LP
6 LP
6 LP
6 LP
6 LP

21 LP
12 LP
9 LP

Compulsory elective modules in the specialist field
A module totaling 6 CP must be successfully completed.
6 LP
Politics and Government in Germany and Europe

Political Theory and Political Philosophy

International Politics 

6 LP

6 LP

6 LP

total 69 LP


Are you open to the diversity of political opinions and interests? Are you enthusiastic about politics? Can you imagine giving children and young people this enthusiasm and empowering them to look at politics from a scientific perspective? As a responsible adult citizen, do you want children and young people to be able to form a well-founded judgment about politics and get involved politically in society? Then you already have good qualifications for studying political education. Curiosity about didactic questions, the willingness for up-to-date teaching and a competent use of language are also advantageous.If you are aiming for a teacher training course, you should be motivated to face the daily demands of the teaching profession. Previous experience in dealing with children and adolescents can be helpful both for the decision to study and for the study itself.


After successfully completing the Bachelor's degree in Political Education, you will have basic skills in the social science disciplines and didactics of the subject. This includes having a ready-to-use knowledge of political and legal, sociological and economic concepts, theories and methods. You are also able to examine political, legal, social and economic problems from a scientific distance and to form a rationally based judgment. In addition, you have acquired relevant political didactic orientation knowledge and gained your first reflective experience in teaching.

With the teaching profession-related bachelor's degree, you acquire the academic degree of the Bachelor of Education. This represents a first professional qualification, but it does not yet qualify for a teaching position. A master’s degree and preparatory service must be completed for this. Due to the professional and pedagogical skills acquired during the course, this bachelor's degree can also offer career prospects outside of the teaching profession, for example in extracurricular political youth and adult education, in parties, associations and clubs, in political advice, in public relations for institutions and Companies, in the publishing industry (school book publishers), etc.

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