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The subject of mathematics is one of the central school subjects in terms of its importance and, due to the high number of hours, represents a core area of ??school education. Accordingly, teachers are needed who are proficient in mathematics on the basis of solid mathematical knowledge and pedagogical and didactic skills Teach enthusiasm.Mathematics can only be taught if someone has a good command of the subject matter and the methods to be used and can view them from a higher point of view. The mathematics course therefore goes well beyond school level and forms the focus of the entire course. The students acquire knowledge in the basic mathematical disciplines of analysis, algebra, geometry, arithmetic, stochastics and numerics, but also the knowledge and skills in subject didactics necessary for successful teaching.The technical and didactic components are also closely interlinked with the practical components in the first training phase of the mathematics teacher training course. A one-day internship during the semester offers the opportunity to test the knowledge acquired in the planning, design and evaluation of lessons and to gain insights into the future professional field.


The bachelor's degree has a modular structure. Within the modules, the course content is thematically summarized in different study and teaching forms. A fixed number of credit points as well as certain study and examination achievements must be achieved in each module.

The teaching-related bachelor's degree comprises a total of 180 credit points (CP). This includes 69 credit points for the mathematics course.


Credit points

Compulsory modules 69 LP
- Modules of specialist science -  
Linear Algebra and Analysis I. 12 LP
Linear Algebra and Analysis II 12 LP
Elementary geometry 6 LP
Stochastics 6 LP
Numerics and CAS 6 LP
Algebra and Number Theory 6 LP
Project module: Extended specialist knowledge for the school context in mathematics 6 LP
- Modules of subject didactics -  
Introduction to mathematics didactics 9 LP
Material didactics of mathematics 6LP
total 69 LP


For the mathematics teacher training course, above-average interest and enjoyment in the subject should be a matter of course. The ability to think logically, ambition and perseverance are also good prerequisites for solving complex mathematical problems. A bridging course in mathematics offered by the university before the start of studies offers the opportunity to refresh school knowledge and, if necessary, to close knowledge gaps.

If you are aiming for a teacher training course, you should be motivated to face the daily demands of the teaching profession. For this reason, previous experience in dealing with children and adolescents can be helpful both for the decision to study and for the course itself.


With the completion of the bachelor's degree, you will have a solid and structured basic knowledge in the sub-areas of mathematics relevant to teaching. You can also develop this knowledge on your own. You will have an overview of the relationships between the sub-areas and master basic mathematical methods, such as formulating your own assumptions, checking external evidence and developing your own chains of arguments. Mathematical facts can be worked out, presented and conveyed independently by you. The basics acquired in didactic training enable you to relate specialist knowledge to school mathematical issues and to develop your first independent teaching concepts.

With the teacher training bachelor's degree you acquire the academic degree of the Bachelor of Education. This represents a first professional academic degree, which, however, does not yet qualify for the assumption of a teaching post. A master’s degree and preparatory service (legal clerkship) still have to be completed before the dream job of a teacher is achieved. Due to the professional and pedagogical skills acquired during the course, however, this bachelor's degree can also offer career prospects outside of the teaching profession.

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