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The teaching-related bachelor's degree in German for the primary level is divided into the areas of subject-specific and subject-related didactic basics as well as core areas of German didactics.

The courses on the technical basics of German teaching are dedicated to the sound structure of words, the grammatical characteristics of words and sentences as well as the genre specifics, analysis and interpretation of lyrical, epic and dramatic texts. As part of the didactic training, the objectives, tasks, didactic concepts and methods of German teaching as well as the linguistic, developmental psychological and didactic basics of the acquisition of written language are conveyed in particular.In the courses on the core areas of German didactics, specialist knowledge of the areas of orality and written language, texts and media, as well as orthography and grammar is deepened. In addition, didactic ways are shown how children can be enabled to use the language competently in the individual areas. Didactic day internships also provide initial experience in planning, implementing and reflecting on German lessons at primary schools.


The bachelor's degree is modular. Within the modules, the course content is thematically summarized in different study and teaching forms. A fixed number of credit points as well as certain study and examination achievements must be achieved in each module.

The teaching-related bachelor's degree comprises a total of 180 credit points (CP). The subject German for teaching at the primary level is included with 33 credit points (CP).


Credit points

Basic module 6 LP
Basic module specialist science 6 LP
Advanced modules 27 LP

Reception and production of texts

Orthography and language reflection

12 LP
15 LP

total 33 LP


If you want to teach German in the primary level, you should be willing to enable children to use the language competently and to encourage their reading and writing motivation. This assumes that you yourself are enthusiastic about the German language and literature - including children's literary texts. For both teaching and studying, it is desirable if you are not only interested in the linguistic and literary studies, but also in the didactic basics of the subject. Since oral and written communication play an important role, especially in German lessons, you should also have the ability to express yourself appropriately. We require a good knowledge of spelling and grammar.

Working as a teacher in elementary schools involves other, in particular educational, challenges in addition to specialist teaching, which you should look forward to with pleasure. In this context, it can be helpful for your decision to study and for the study itself if you have already gained experience in dealing with children.


The aim of the bachelor's degree in German is to impart scientific, pedagogical, didactic, learning and developmental psychological knowledge and insights. This will enable you to give child-oriented German lessons. It should develop basic oral and written communication skills as well as the ability to deal with texts. You acquire basic knowledge for planning and designing teaching processes. General and individual learning requirements and
learning processes are taken into account.

With the teaching profession-related bachelor's degree you acquire the academic degree of the Bachelor of Education. This represents a first professional academic degree, which, however, does not yet qualify for the assumption of a teaching post. Before you can achieve your dream job as a teacher, you still have to complete a master’s degree and preparatory service. Due to the professional and pedagogical skills acquired during the course, however, this bachelor's degree can also offer career prospects outside of the teaching profession.


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