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The academic training at the Institute for English and American Studies includes the following areas:

  • Linguistics,
  • English literature and culture,
  • American literature and culture,
  • Postcolonial Studies.

The core idea of ??all areas is that literary and linguistic phenomena must always be viewed against the background of their respective cultural-historical context.You can also perfect your language skills at the Center for Languages ??and Key Competences (Zessko). In subject didactics you acquire knowledge, skills and abilities about teaching and learning foreign languages ??and develop an understanding of the complexity of subject-didactic thinking and teaching practice. During the semester, you will gain your first job-relevant experience in teaching English at school.We also strongly recommend all future English teachers to stay in an English-speaking country - for study purposes at a university or during the practical semester in the master’s program.


The bachelor's degree has a modular structure. Within the modules, the course content is thematically summarized in different study and teaching forms. A fixed number of credit points as well as certain study and examination achievements must be achieved in each moduleThe teaching-related bachelor's degree comprises a total of 180 credit points (CP), which are divided between the specialist degree and the study of educational content. The subject English for secondary levels I and II is included with 69 credit points (CP).


Credit points

Compulsory modules 51 LP
- Modules of specialist science -  
Language practice English 1 9 LP
Language practice English 2 6 LP
Basic module linguistics American studies and English studies 6 LP
Advanced Module Linguistics 1 - Development and Variation of the English Language 6 LP
Advanced Module Linguistics 2 - System and Use of the English Language 6 LP
Basic module literary and cultural studies in English and American studies 6 LP

- Modules of subject didactics -

Basic module subject didactics for the English secondary level 6 LP
Advanced module subject didactics for the English secondary level 6 LP
must two of the following elective modules totaling 18 CP successfully completed.
18 LP
Advanced module American literature / culture b 9 LP
Advanced module British literature b 9 LP
Advanced module British culture b 9 LP
Advanced module Anglophone Postcolonial Literature / Culture b 9 LP
total 69 LP


If you are aiming for a teaching degree, you should be motivated to face the daily demands of the teaching profession. Previous experience in dealing with children and adolescents can be helpful for both the decision to study and the course itself.
A special interest in dealing with the English language and for English-speaking countries as well as for English and American culture should be a matter of course for you. In addition, knowledge of Latin or a Romance language must be proven for at least 3 school years. If you are unable to provide proof of this when you start your studies, you must submit it at the latest when you register for the bachelor thesis.
The entrance requirement for a bachelor's degree in English at the University of Potsdam is the passing of an aptitude test . This exam covers your language skills in English in the areas of orthography, vocabulary and grammar. If available, you can claim equivalent services that have already been provided.


With the teacher training bachelor's degree, you acquire the academic degree of Bachelor of Education and thus prove that you have an overview of the interrelationships of the subject and are able to apply basic scientific methods and findings and use them for teaching. It represents a first professional academic degree, which does not yet qualify for a teaching position. A master’s degree and preparatory service (legal clerkship) have to be completed before the dream job of teacher
Due to the professional and pedagogical skills acquired during the course, however, this bachelor's degree can also offer career prospects outside of the teaching profession. Because the teacher training courses are geared towards a professional career as an English teacher in the school service. However, they also make it possible to switch to a specialist course after completing a bachelor's degree or a professional career after completing a master’s degree.
Further professional perspectives arise in adult education, language teaching or in special educational areas of language acquisition or language acquisition or teaching / learning research.


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