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The course is divided into technical and didactic elements. The technical part of your studies includes basic linguistic, literary and cultural studies content. You can improve your practical language skills at the Center for Languages ??and Key Competencies (Zessko), which offers various courses with a focus on oral and written language skills. In this context, you will acquire a solid, expandable vocabulary as well as basic knowledge of rhetoric, style and idioms.You will acquire application-oriented knowledge in the form of pedagogical and methodical knowledge of teaching English in the area of ??subject didactics, which is primarily intended to prepare you to diagnose and evaluate student performance. During your studies you already have the opportunity to gain your first practical experience and to try out the knowledge you have acquired through practical school studies. In order to develop a feeling for the liveliness of the language, a stay in an English-speaking country is strongly recommended to all prospective students.


The bachelor's degree is modular. Within the modules, the course content is thematically summarized in different study and teaching forms. A fixed number of credit points as well as certain study and examination achievements must be achieved in each module. 

The teaching-related bachelor's degree comprises a total of 180 credit points (CP). The subject English for teaching at the primary level is included with 33 CP. A further 12 credit points for the subject English are to be achieved within the framework of the study areas of elementary education and educational sciences. The following graphic gives you an insight into the structure and content of the course.


Credit points

Compulsory modules 33 LP
Specialized modules  

Language practice English 1

Language practice English 2

Basic module linguistics in English and American studies

Basic module literary and cultural studies in English and American studies

9 LP

6 LP

6 LP

6 LP

Modules of subject didactics  

Advanced module for English didactics for primary schools

6 LP

total 33 LP 


First of all, you should show a keen interest in the language and culture of the Anglophone world and a willingness to open up to new cultures. In addition, experience in working with children is certainly an advantage when starting a teacher training course, but by no means a requirement. You should be aware that the teaching profession can be physically and mentally demanding, but it can also be very enriching.The entrance requirement for a Bachelor's degree in English at the University of Potsdam is the passing of an aptitude test , in which you have to prove your general language skills in English, in particular spelling, vocabulary and text comprehension, as well as grammar. Any existing equivalent services can be claimed


You have general knowledge and basic skills in the subject of English, which are made up of a high level of foreign language skills in the English language and partial skills in the field of English didactics as well as English language, literary and cultural studies. They are able to grasp linguistic, historical and cultural relationships and to make them applicable to teaching practice. They master theories and methods of age-appropriate knowledge transfer and are able to design their own lesson plans and implement them in practice.

With the teacher training bachelor's degree, the academic degree of the Bachelor of Education is acquired. This represents a first professional academic degree, which, however, does not yet qualify for the assumption of a teaching post. A master’s degree and preparatory service have to be completed before the professional goal of a teacher is achieved. Due to the professional and pedagogical skills acquired during the course, however, this bachelor's degree can also offer career prospects outside of the teaching profession.

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