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At the Institute of Philosophy, the currents of analytical philosophy are represented as well as those of pragmatism and phenomenology. Research and teaching focus on the disciplines of philosophy of language, philosophy of mind and action theory, epistemology, ethics, political philosophy, applied ethics, philosophical anthropology and aesthetics. The philosophy at the University of Potsdam is characterized by the fact that it is precisely in this diversity of methods, disciplines and numerous specific research interests that joint method and interdisciplinary research interests are pursued.

The bachelor's degree provides orientation about the history and the thematic structure of philosophy. In addition, through systematic introductions and exemplary processing of philosophical problems, it conveys the basic methodological skills required for independent philosophizing.


The bachelor's degree has a modular structure. Within the modules, the course content is thematically summarized in different study and teaching forms. In each module, certain study and examination achievements have to be achieved

The philosophy course comprises the contents shown in the overview below. It is divided into a basic course, an advanced course (elective modules) and a final module, whereby the specialization area offers space for students to orient themselves independently.


Credit points

Compulsory modules 108 LP

Basic modules (12 CP each)

  • Basic academic skills philosophy
  • Basic shop of philosophy - one subject
  • Basics of theoretical philosophy
  • Basics of ethics
  • People, society and culture
60 LP

Advanced modules (15 CP each)

  • Theoretical Philosophy
  • ethics
  • People, society and culture


45 LP
Final module 3 LP
Occupational field-specific key competencies 18 LP

Supplementary subject

A supplementary subject worth 42 CP must be taken. You can choose from “Linguistics”, “Educational Science”, “Economics” and “Sociology”.

42 LP
bachelor thesis 12 LP
total 180 LP


In the bachelor's degree in philosophy, you will be familiarized with essential topics, discussions, points of view and methods from the past and present of philosophy and, in principle, put in a position to recognize philosophical problems, to formulate them clearly, to work on them in a sufficiently differentiated manner and to convince the result present.

With the acquisition of analytical skills, the development of communicative creativity and the ability to deal with complex issues as well as familiarity with cultural topics and issues, the course qualifies you either for an academic career or for a broad professional spectrum, especially in the areas of culture, business, Media, politics and society. The interdisciplinary focus on the life sciences at the University of Potsdam also opens up professional perspectives in areas that are close to biology and medicine

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