Like Latin studies, Greek studies are part of Classical Philology. Her objects include the language, literature and culture of ancient Greece as well as their effects beyond ancient times.

The focus of the course in Greek studies is on expanding language skills and acquiring basic knowledge in Greek literary and cultural studies. As part of the language specialization, the students deal intensively with grammar, expand their vocabulary of Greek and improve their translation skills. The literary studies study deals with different Greek texts from poetry and prose. The students acquire skills in the formal and content-related analysis of these texts and receive in-depth knowledge of individual genres, epochs and authors. The training is supplemented by content from cultural studies and its related disciplines, such as ancient history, archeology, philosophy, religious studies, Reception or art history. An integrated internship or project also provides insights into everyday work and / or research.Overall, the bachelor's degree in the two subjects of Classical Philology is structured in a similar way. While Greek studies are only offered as a second subject in the two-subject bachelor's degree, Latin studies can also be studied as a first subject. Because their respective languages ??and literatures belong to a common Hellenistic-Roman culture, a combination of both subjects makes sense. The subject of Greek studies can also be combined with another primary subject.



Second subject

Basic modules 36 LP

Introduction to Greek

Greek language skills

Greek literary studies

Reading Greek

Greek cultural studies

6 LP

9 LP

9 LP

6 LP

6 LP

Advanced modules 24 LP

Greek culture

Greek literary studies

Greek excursion

6 LP

9 LP

9 LP

total 60 LP


Studying in Greek can be attractive to you if you are enthusiastic about the Greek language and literature as well as the history and culture of antiquity. In addition, you should not be averse to an intensive reading study and be prepared to get involved with the world of thought conveyed in it - a world that has decisively shaped our present, but which is still far back.

Linguistic prerequisites for the bachelor's degree in Greek are both Greek and Latin, which are usually proven by the Graecum and Latinum or equivalent degrees. If you still lack such knowledge at the beginning of your studies, you can acquire it in special language courses at the University of Potsdam.


With a degree in Greek Studies, you will acquire a sound basic knowledge of the structures and history of the Greek language and the cultures it dominates. After completing the course, you will be able to analyze forms of literary communication in Greek and describe them in their respective genre-specific, historical and cultural context. In addition, you will be able to appreciate Greek sources as the basic texts of European intellectual history.

The career prospects are significantly influenced by the choice of the first subject. Apart from that, studying Greek studies offers various employment opportunities, such as in publishing, in museums and broadcasting companies, in cultural and scientific journalism, in adult education, in the tourism industry, in the media sector or in cultural work. 


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