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In the master’s degree in Computer Science, research is carried out on the theoretical modeling of real problems in the form of algorithms and their application. Theoretical computer science forms the basis with the question of how and in what complexity a problem can be represented algorithmically, while practical computer science develops methods and concepts for solving such problems. Computer engineering, on the other hand, deals with the basics of hardware. Finally, application and implementation take place in the field of applied computer science.

An example of a practical field of application is the automotive sector, in which not only intelligent route calculations, but also vehicle control systems can no longer be imagined without complex software. In the field of robot technology, complicated programming is also necessary in order to approximate human abilities and enable autonomous decisions.

As part of the master's program, it is possible to deepen in depth in four different research areas: Algorithmics, Graphics / Vision / Audio, Information and Communication Management, Intelligent Systems

Entry Requirement

  • Examination regulations (legally binding information)
  • University degree (domestic or foreign) in a relevant subject
  • Other language skills: English (language level GeR B2)
  • Specific modules: Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (18 ECTS) | Basics of Theoretical Computer Science (15 ECTS) | Basics of programming, software technology and information systems (18 ECTS) | scientific thesis (10 ECTS)
  • Passed the exam to determine the ability to study for applicants who are neither Germans nor citizens of an EU member state.

Career Prospects

Production / development of IT systems (design of computers, development of operating systems / user interfaces), activity in trade / consulting companies (system / application programming, IT organization, system consulting, training), activity with the user (administration , Maintenance / expansion of data processing systems and programming systems, training / consulting), teaching post, science (teaching / research at universities, research institutions, etc.)

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