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Philosophy deals with fundamental questions of reality, the world, life as well as acting and knowing. The history of philosophy is therefore the history of human thought, which poses philosophical questions and is constantly working on their solutions. It is not for nothing that philosophy is called "fundamental science".

The first step in the course is to awaken an understanding of the classic problems and issues of philosophy. For this purpose, knowledge of the most important historical positions and philosophical-historical epochs as well as the handling of the working methods of philosophy in systematic and historical terms are conveyed. In addition to the general history of philosophy - from the philosophy of antiquity and the Middle Ages, modern times and German idealism to the latest contemporary philosophy - sub-areas such as philosophy of religion, aesthetics, philosophy of spirit and modern philosophy of science and nature or modern logic also play a role . In addition, there are also highly topical areas of application of philosophy, such as bioethics.

Entry requirements 

HZB (e.g. Abitur)

German language skills (language level GeR C1)

Career Prospects


Teaching at grammar schools and comprehensive schools

For teaching at state schools, a Master of Education and preparatory service are required following the Bachelor's degree.

Non-academic ethics institutes, scientific / political and cultural organizations, political advice, journalism, book systems (archives, libraries, publishers), media work, adult education, management, science (teaching / research at universities, research institutions, etc.)

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