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Comparative literature deals with literatures in their transnational, intercultural and intermedial contexts: it goes beyond the literary analysis in the narrower sense and the horizon of individual philologies. Its subject area is world literature.

Specifically, comparative literature examines the international reception of works and authors, the varieties of intertextuality, the development of transcultural conventions of form and genre, the interrelationships between various artistic and cultural systems of signs (e.g. literature and painting, literature and film, literature and music), to name just a few examples. An essential feature of comparative work is that it leaves borders of the most varied kinds behind: it crosses the borders between individual languages ??and cultures as well as those between literature and other arts, other media and other forms of knowledge.

Comparative artists, for example, deal with questions such as: What encounters are there between literature and painting, architecture, photography, film? How do text and music behave in opera and musical theater? How is the mutual interaction between poetry and dance, literature and performance? What is changing with the electronic media? A field of comparative studies that is gaining in importance is the field of intermediality.

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Entry requirements 

HZB (e.g. Abitur)

German language skills (language level GeR C1)

Career Prospects

Education (adult education, language courses, educational works, etc.), books (publishing / library / translation / editing), culture (cultural management, embassies, cultural institutes, exhibitions, etc.), media (press, radio, television, online media, Journalism, editing, public relations), administration (international relations e.g. diplomatic service, institutions of the European Union, international organizations), science (science management, teaching / research at universities, research institutions, etc.)

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