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The geosciences make an important contribution to the sustainable use of the Earth’s resources which include rocks, minerals and ores, oil and natural gas, water and geothermal energy. They are also involved in using underground areas as subsoil and excavation volume. The geosciences include:

  • the exploration and extraction of fossil and renewable energy sources such as oil, natural gas, coal and geothermal energy in the deep underground
  • research into the development und structure of mineral deposits
  • research into the structure and characteristics of minerals for the manufacturing of new minerals
  • research into the interaction between subsoil and construction
  • prediction of landslides and rock deformation, e.g. when building major tunnels and dams
  • exploitation and sustainable use of groundwater
  • analysis of geodynamic processes which lead to strong earthquakes, among others
  • determining rock deformation as a result of massive forces in the interior of the earth.

Moreover, they contribute their knowledge about short and long-term changes in the protection of our nature and a sustainable approach to the Earth’s raw materials. Maintaining groundwater reserves, ensuring human living space and restoring natural balances are becoming even more important fields in the geosciences.

The solution to the geoscientific tasks requires quantified methods and the preparation of models for forward looking predictions, for example, of groundwater, earthquake risks and material deformations. The applied geosciences are thus a quantitative natural science that overlaps in many places with the engineering sciences.

Programme Structure

The training of the students is geared in such a way so students acquire skills and abilities in applying the understanding of the geosciences system for future societal tasks, building on a strong basis which includes knowledge in chemistry, mathematics and physics. Through its compulsory modules the program blends various disciplines in geology, geochemistry, geophysics, mineralogy and crystallography. Electives facilitate the further professional specialization in one of the geoscience branches.

In the Master’s program the three disciplines in the geosciences Bachelor’s program are dealt with more intensely:

Specializations Concentrations
Geoengineering Groundwater modeling, quantitative engineer geology, geothermics, hydrogeophysics, environmental geotechnics and geophysical exploration
Energy and Mineral Resources Basin modeling, carbonate sedimentology, diagenesis, geomechanics, geochemistry, mineral deposits, petrology, petrophysics, seismic interpretation and sequence stratigraphy
Applied Mineralogy and Crystallography Crystallography, interface mineralogy and materials sciences

Entry Requirement

  • First university degree, required qualifications according to the examination regulations
  • Proficiency in English and German

Career Prospects

There are numerous career fields, and based on the fact that the program is application-oriented and aligned quantitatively the career opportunities are good. The Applied Geosciences are involved in the following branches at home and abroad:

  • Industry of raw material extraction and processing (oil, natural gas, coal, geothermal energy, ores, precious metals, construction materials and much more)
  • Environmental protection
  • Civil engineering and building construction, especially tunnel construction, dam construction and foundation measures of large buildings
  • Landfill technology
  • New materials (refractories, smart materials, ceramics, glass, etc.)
  • Crystal growing
  • Development and protection of groundwater resources
  • Software branch
  • Development, manufacturing and distribution of analytical devices
  • Government offices, state authorities and municipal institutions
  • Research institutions and universities
  • Museums

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