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Structural EngineeringStructural engineering programs include classes on the entire process of a construction project. In addition to design training, students are also taught how to analyze a design to ensure that it is safe and strong.

Programme Structure

The subject Structural Engineering is a vocational subject and offers the following combination possibilities:

1. In course of study Model I:

  • Balanced combination of the instructional subjects: biology, chemistry, German, English, Catholic religious education, physics, and economics/political science. A combination with “political science” is not possible.
  • Balanced combination with the vocational subjects: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, textile technology, and economics.

2. In course of study Model II:

  • Unequally balanced combination with the following small vocational subjects: structural engineering (Hochbautechnik), wood engineering, underground engineering (Tiefbautechnik), utility supply engineering


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