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"I think there is a world market for maybe five computers," said Thomas John Watson apparently in 1943 as chairman of the board at IBM. We know better now! A life without fast data processing, internet, apps, email, video on demands, and intelligent house technology is practically unthinkable.

As a science of analysis, conception, and the implementatin of information processing systems, computer science has become indispensable. With fundamental concepts such as architecture, algorithm, information, complexity, and efficiency, the statistical structure and dynamic behavior of such systems can be described and investigated. Computer science focuses on both the qualitative and quantitative classification of problems and algorithms and the solution of concrete practial problems.

In this fields between mathematics and engineering computer science has developed into a discipline with its own scientific methods.

Computer science studies at a interdisciplinary technical university particularly accommodate this discipline's special character. There are wide variety of research fields in computer science at RWTH Aachen. However the program also ensures a high degree of interdisciplinary collaboration with the natural and engineering sciences and linguistics and communication studies.

Programme Structure

Aside from a broad spectrum of fundamental knowledge students also acquire methodological skills and career-related skills during their Bachelor's studies. The teaching is supported with internships or tutorials, in which students profit from intensive mentorship. This is how, for example, they may acquire or expand their programming skills. Previous knowledge of programming languages is recommended but not required.


Practical Computer Science

Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, Data Bases and Information Systems, Introduction to Software Engineering

Technical Computer Science

Introduction to Computer Engineering, Systems Programming Lab Course, Operating Systems and Systems Software, Data Communication and Security

Theoretical Computer Science

Formal Systems, Automata and Processes; Computability and Complexity; Mathematical Logic, Elective: Theory


Discrete Structures, Analysis for Computer Scientists, Linear Algebra, Introduction to Applied Stochastics
Electives Classes from the Catalogue of Electives, see Examination Regulations, Appendix 4

Other Assessments

Basic Seminar, Seminar, Software Project Internship, Non-technical Elective, Bachelor's Colloquium, Bachelor's Thesis
Applied Subject Application subject of student's choosing with a set curriculum

Entry Requirement

  • Abitur or equivalent HZB
  • Proficiency in German

Career Prospects

Information technology, worldwide interconnection, and the entry of computer-based systems in all social, business, and private spheres pose immense dynamic potential. This results in excellent future career prospects for computer scientists.

A degree from RWTH is a testament of outstanding technical and creative skills, for an interdisciplinary world view, and potential for further technical training. It is also symbol of special technical skills in a certain field of application. Graduates from Aachen are valued experts, who are able to find work in many fields.

Companies in all sectors are constantly looking for holistically trained specialists. Examples include software manufacturers and companies, telecommunications companies, users of administrative systems, the technical industry, multimedia service providers, and consulting firms. Here Bachelor's graduates typically conduct work with instruction, for example in the implementation and operation of new systems. Students with a Master's degree have a wider spectrum of prospects open to them – from research and development to company management.

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