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The 4-semester research-oriented and interdisciplinary master's degree in media culture analysis is aimed at all those who have completed their first degree in a media or cultural studies subject and now want to deepen their knowledge and try it out and expand it in research.

The key question is what significance the media have in the dynamic processes of forming and developing culture. How do media shape the perception of the individual, his way of understanding himself and relating to others? How do they shape the cultural, social and political institutions and forms of communication?
These questions were grouped into study modules.

In the first two semesters, the modules “Perception”, “Representation” and “Production” are intended to deepen and systematize the existing basic knowledge about the relationship between media, subjectivity and culture. This is followed in the second and third semester by the modules "Comparative Media Culture Research" and "Audiovisual Culture". All modules are designed to be interdisciplinary and involve other subjects such as psychoanalysis, neurobiology, the social sciences of philosophy, English / American studies, Romance studies, organized in German studies and history.


The open, project-oriented organization of the course and the scientific topicality of the topics guarantee a close connection between studies and research. In addition to the projects carried out in the modules, our curriculum therefore also provides for a larger team project in which the narrow framework of the university can be opened up for media-cultural practice in research, but also in terms of design and organization. A media laboratory with professional technology for audio and video productions supports you in this project. It can also be used for other purposes.

The course comprises a total of 32 hours per week and is concluded with the master's thesis.
Afterwards there is the possibility of doing a doctorate at our university or at another university.


The entry requirement is a media or media culture studies or a related subject that was completed with a grade of at least 2.6 and in which a total of at least 90 CP were acquired that are subject-specific. They should come from the following areas:

1. Theory and history of the media.
2. Theory and history of culture.
3. Aesthetic theory or theories and history of perception.


Cultural and science journalism in print media, radio, television and digital media
Editing activities
for publishers, audio book publishers, audiovisual publication organs,
exhibition conception, curatorial activity,
film archives, film festival, curating film series,
marketing, event conception and organization,
public relations

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