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The Bachelor's minor in Communication and Media Studies at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf is designed as part of a multiple degree course. In multiple study programs, a core subject must always be taken with a supplementary subject.

The supplementary subject, which lasts six semesters, is offered by the subject of communication and media studies, which is part of the Institute for Social Sciences. In the 2011 CHE University Ranking, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf was placed in the top group twice in the "Communication Science / Journalism" field of study.

What influence does the media have on voting decisions? What about the quality of journalistic services? Why are some television series successful and others not? What are the special features of the German media landscape? How is the internet changing our everyday life?

The BA minor in Communication and Media Studies deals with these and similar questions. The subject of communication and media studies is an empirical social science that deals with public communication - including media actors, media content, media use and effects, and media systems.

The range of events includes courses and lectures such as:

- The media system in Germany
- basic concepts, priorities and models of KMW
- media - everyday life - social identity
- terrorism in the media
- journalism research
- media economics
- media politics
- introduction to communication
consulting - strategic political communication
- advertising effectiveness research


In the first year of study, the so-called basic modules must be completed, each consisting of an introductory lecture (introduction to the media system in Germany, introduction to communication and media studies) and an accompanying exercise. In addition, two lectures on the methods of social sciences must be attended.
For the second and third year of study, a total of nine events from three so-called themed modules are planned, five lectures or advanced seminars and four advanced seminars. The topics of the events can be chosen from the range of communication and media studies.


The general requirement for admission to the BA supplementary subject Communication and Media Studies is the general university entrance qualification.

The BA supplementary subject Communication and Media Studies can only be studied in combination with a core subject offered at the Philosophical Faculty of the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf


Graduates of the BA supplementary subject Communication and Media Studies have acquired qualifications for work in the following professional fields, among others:

- Public Relations / Public Relations
- Advertising
- Media Research
- Market & Opinion Research
- Strategic Communication and Communication Consulting
- Journalism

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