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The Bachelor's degree in Romance Studies at Heinrich Heine University is designed as part of a multiple degree course. In multiple study programs, a core subject must always be taken with a supplementary subject. All core and supplementary subjects can be combined with each other (usually not with themselves - this is exceptionally possible with Romance studies).
A core subject course comprises a total of 180 credit points (CP = Credit Points). Credit points are credit points with which the workload is "measured". In the study according to the core case model, 108 CP are allocated to the core subject, 54 CP to the supplementary subject and 18 CP to the interdisciplinary compulsory elective area.

Communicate in multiple languages ??- French, Italian, Spanish

Building bridges with languages ??- for this you need sound language training.
With the knowledge that we
impart to you in Düsseldorf Romance Studies , you are “on trend”: 510 million people worldwide speak French, Italian or Spanish. In the Romance Studies Bachelor's degree, students deepen their skills in one of the Romance languages ??and cultures offered (Spanish, French, Italian).

Understanding texts, designing texts -
In addition to foreign language skills, you will acquire in-depth specialist knowledge in literature and linguistics. You will learn to work with different types of text - from traditional literary genres to journalism, film, advertising and the new media.

Opening up media worlds -
Successful communication also requires knowledge of the world of images and media. In our Romance courses you will receive the necessary intercultural media skills.

Encountering other cultures -
imparting knowledge about foreign cultures, languages, texts and media is our special concern. In Düsseldorf or at our partner universities in Nantes, Naples and Alicante, you will lay the foundations for your future professional practice.

It is possible to combine two Romance languages : a core subject (e.g. Spanish) with a supplementary subject (e.g. French). Another Romance language can be chosen in the core subject without prior knowledge.

An extensive range of scholarships for over 20 European and Hispanic American universities enables study visits abroad .
Your advantage when studying at the Philosophical Faculty of the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf: Thanks to a wide range of optional offers, you will receive individual support and support at all levels and in all study phases.


BA Romance Studies as a core subject
You can complete the Bachelor's degree in Romance Studies in Düsseldorf with a Romance language as a core or supplementary subject. You can choose French, Italian or Spanish as the language. The course is not restricted in admission. In the chosen Romance language you start at level B1. In a placement test, we check whether you have already reached this level or whether we can recommend additional language courses.
The course lasts 6 semesters and comprises the four sub-areas mentioned below. It concludes with a bachelor thesis in linguistics or literary studies. In Düsseldorf you can also give your training a media and cultural studies profile.
Area 1: Language Practice
Acquisition of basic and in-depth skills in the oral and written command of the target language, e.g. through translations. Conveyance of basic knowledge of a second Romance language.
Area 2: Linguistics
Introduction to the history of language, the theory and fields of application of Romance linguistics, specialization in lectures and advanced seminars.
Area 3: Literary Studies
Introduction to the history of a Romance literature, text analysis and literary theory, further in-depth study in lectures and advanced seminars.
Area 4: Optional modules (only in the core subject)
Here you can freely choose between the following subject areas:

  • Language practice in another Romance language
  • media communication
  • Transcultural Studies
  • Application fields of linguistics
  • Translation

Interdisciplinary courses of study
An essential characteristic of Düsseldorf Romance Studies is its interdisciplinary orientation. Students therefore have the opportunity to take advantage of the courses offered in the following courses within the framework of existing collaborations with other subjects:

  • Linguistics (BA integrative)
  • Transculturality: media, languages, texts in a globalized world


The entry requirement for the Bachelor's degree in Romance Studies (KF and EF) is general or relevant subject-specific university entrance qualification.


The Romance courses prepare you for work in the following professional fields:

  • Multilingual information; Knowledge and culture management
  • New media (media and communication technologies)
  • Activities in publishing and press, radio and television
  • Use in European and international organizations, companies and educational institutions
  • International project management
  • Foreign language copywriting and international public relations
  • Country and culture-specific training and further education in companies, activities in the new "language industries" (e.g. departmental support for portals, development of digital lexica, creation of learning software)
  • Foreign language teacher in the school sector, in education management or in adult education
  • Scientific career

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