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The master’s course deals with the literatures and cultures of the English-speaking world (with the exception of North America), past and present. The aim of the course is to enable students to independently analyze, classify and theoretically reflect on the literature, language, media and cultural practices of Anglophone cultures, whereby the focus is not limited to one national literature or culture, but rather intercultural encounters, transfers and Influences in the past and present are discussed. A differentiated knowledge of the productivity of language is acquired as well as the ability to to recognize and analyze the meaning of the historical and diatopic varieties of English and how they work, especially on the levels of semantics and pragmatics. In addition, a secure understanding of the cultural-historical relationships, the interdependencies and interactions between language and other sign systems and forms of meaning creation as well as the differences and relationships between types of text, media, discourses and orders of knowledge should be created.



The master’s degree in English Studies: Literature, Language, Culture comprises specialist and practical language modules.

The structure and course of the course are regulated by the course regulations. It contains detailed descriptions of the content and qualification goals of each individual module and an exemplary course plan. The examination regulations define the type and requirements of the examination performances of the modules and the master’s examination. In the regulations, the credit points (CP) for each module or event as well as the workload in hours for the entire course are specified.

The master's thesis should show that the students are able to independently work on and present a research task using scientific methods. After successfully completing the study program, the university degree Master of Arts (MA) is awarded.

Modules of the course

Specialized modules

Four of the following modules are to be selected

module Interfacing Linguistics and Literature
module Literary and Cultural Theories
module Constructing Difference: Literary and Cultural Histories
module Literature and Media
module Negotiating Gender: Constructions, Representations, Theories
module Medieval English Literatures
module Postcolonial Literatures
module Studying the Present Moment

Practical language modules

Two of the following modules are to be selected

module Academic Writing
module Literary Translation
module Communication skills
module Contemporary Britain: Language and Identity



To be admitted to the master’s degree, applicants must demonstrate the following requirements:

  • A professional university degree in English Philology or an equivalent other university degree with a minimum of 60 CP in English Philology or a university degree in general and comparative literature (comparative literature), cultural studies, film studies, theater and dance studies or in another philology with a literary and cultural studies Study share in English Philology of at least 20 CP.
  • Proof of language proficiency in English (level C1 GER) for applicants who have not obtained their university degree at an educational establishment where English is the language of instruction of the entire university / institution in all departments 



Graduates have in-depth scientific knowledge and advanced professional skills.

Successful graduates have an oral and written command of the language that approximates their mother tongue, which enables them to carry out their own research projects in English. They are able to present their knowledge and assessments in oral and written form and in a form appropriate to the register and the medium. The course also raises awareness of cultural and historical differences, problems of cultural encounters and cultural translation.

Depending on the focus, the course prepares you for a scientific career or employment, e.g. in the media or cultural institutions.

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