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The Bachelor in Management, Philosophy & Economics (BSc) equips you with exactly those skills that you need to be successful in this world: As the world's only degree program, it combines the scientific rigor of economics and the analytical sharpness of philosophy with a comprehensive one Training in business administration. This enables us to offer our students a unique international degree and a decisive advantage on the global job marke


How do you make good decisions? Experience certainly helps, but you also need to be able to break down a problem from different perspectives and quickly switch between different considerations on marketing, finance, technology, or sales. At the same time, you not only have to process considerable amounts of information and include different interests, but also explain solutions and convince different target groups of your suggestions. MPE students are characterized by their mastery of the analytical methods of the modern business world as well as their ability to never lose sight of the big picture.


Philosophizing is the best way to sharpen analytical and critical thinking skills. By being trained to ignore irrelevant aspects of a problem and to assess the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches, you will not only learn to analyze a problem precisely, but also to defend your own position concisely and convincingly. But philosophy also examines precisely those political and moral challenges with which our society today is constantly confronted. Our unique expertise in formal and normative philosophy therefore offers our students a decisive advantage for their further professional life, as they not only learn to solve normative problems and think more astutely, but also train,


Economic methods form the core of the formal MPE curriculum, which builds on our faculty's cutting-edge research in behavioral economics, game and decision theory, computer science and machine learning. By combining classic and empirically well-founded economic approaches to solving decision-making problems with machine learning approaches from computer science, the MPE course is clearly future-oriented and oriented towards the most modern methods.


The MPE opens doors: It enables you to pursue careers in business, finance, science and philosophy, in policy-related areas, in NGOs or as a start-up. The MPE also acts as an icebreaker: by combining business administration and economics with philosophy, the MPE sets you apart from other applicants and arouses the curiosity of potential employers. Our alumni are therefore successful in various professional and life areas: some have founded their own company, others enter the professional world straight away, and still others are pursuing a master’s degree, for example in management, political science, finance, philosophy or economics, often at recognized international universities.


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