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The bachelor's degree in Nursing / Nursing Management provides skills for scientifically sound professional activity in nursing practice and as a nursing manager. That is why nursing science is at the center of teaching.

After the joint basic studies in the first two semesters, the course of study provides for the choice of a focus:

  • The major in care management prepares students for various tasks. The graduates take on leading positions in nursing management and quality management. During the course you will acquire the ability to plan, design and evaluate nursing processes. The lectures convey nursing science know-how supplemented by contents of nursing management, health management and business administration.
  • In the Nursing Science in Practice major, the students delve into nursing-specific topics and health sciences.
    In the future, they will prepare themselves to take on complex nursing tasks in nursing practice during their studies. You will become experts in evidence-based care and the coordination of complex care situations.

A completed training is a prerequisite for this course:

  • Geriatric nurse
  • Midwife / obstetrician
  • Pediatric nurse
  • Health and pediatric nurse
  • Nurse
  • Health and nurse
  • Curative educator.

You have not yet received any professional training in nursing? The Nursing course , which the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences runs in cooperation with the University of Tübingen, offers both: degree (Bachelor of Science) plus professional admission.


In the first semester , the students study together with the Nursing Education course at Esslingen University.
This enables interdisciplinary exchange in lectures and seminars even in the basic course.


From the second semester you can deepen your studies by choosing a focus. You choose either the focus on nursing management or nursing science in practice . In this way you learn to organize nursing processes from the respective perspective.

The practical semester takes place in the third semester . This is supervised by an employee in the practice facility and continuously supported by the university.

In the fourth and fifth semester , in addition to the lectures, project studies take place. In this, the students work together in groups. Together they incorporate their knowledge and strategies they have learned from previous semesters and the practical semester.

In the sixth semester you will write your bachelor thesis and attend further seminars.


With your completed training in the field of nursing, you can shorten the duration of your studies. You can count towards the seventh semester for this. You then complete the course after six semesters.

However, there is still the option of taking an additional seventh semester, either voluntarily or optionally. This enables you to deepen your knowledge in further lectures and seminars.


Graduates of the nursing / nursing management degree program have very good career prospects with their degree (Bachelor of Arts). For example in the areas:

  • Care manager in inpatient and outpatient care facilities, health management in health care facilities
  • Quality management and development
  • Human resource management and leadership
  • Planning and control of performance processes
  • Senior position in professional associations, care chambers, European and international health care organizations (e.g. WHO)
  • Nursing science, in particular nursing research
  • Care and organizational advice
  • Nursing expert for performance analysis, planning, advice and evaluation
  • Expert in prevention, health promotion and occupational health management

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