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This master’s course offers a diverse selection of exciting and, above all, practice-oriented courses, the examination of which often consists of the implementation of projects. In addition to the regular course content, the students impart interdisciplinary hard and soft skills to each other. For this reason, the students should be flexible and enthusiastic about content that is initially unrelated to the subject.

In order to provide a detailed overview, the areas involved in the degree program are explained in more detail below and their courses are listed accordingly.


The Institute for General Mechanical Engineering offers a selection of seminars which, on the one hand, sensibly expand the field of product design to include technical components and thus enable a holistic understanding. On the other hand, it offers seminars that provide students with technical skills that are aimed at industry-relevant problems. 
Modern laboratories and workplaces are available to students to carry out their work.


In the field of design, basic skills and methods are taught that are required to understand design-specific relationships and to make them usable for you. 
At the KISD, you can choose from all the content offered, from basics and specific software applications to the free design of design projects. The specific seminars vary from semester to semester and their content covers the subject areas presented.


The area of ??economics deals with the relevant business and marketing aspects that accompany the product development process. The students acquire knowledge that is important for start-ups as well as those that are used in industrial companies. For the product design and process development course, the most important fields were selected and prepared in practice.


In the area of ??skills, students are given a range of tools and management skills that are extremely relevant when coordinating interdisciplinary projects. Mere soft skills are only the basis of the knowledge imparted. The students are trained in a wide variety of variable methodologies and strategies, which in turn can be immediately applied and refined in practical projects in all four areas.


The areas of application are in engineering offices, the manufacturing industry and manufacturers of capital and consumer goods. In their later professional life, the graduates typically find themselves in responsible positions in the following areas:

  • Product management
  • Project management
  • Product development
  • Design management
  • Development management
  • Management advice
  • Process management


90 or 120 ECTS

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