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The four-semester master’s program "Informatics / Computer Science" has been redesigned and takes on the current requirements of the industry. He has two fields of study: "Software Engineering (German-speaking)" or "Information Systems" (English-speaking). The newly designed offer is internationally oriented, the training is strongly project-oriented.


There are then four equally important areas in the course of study:

  • the major in software engineering or the major in information systems (25 percent)
  • the elective area (25 percent)
  • the project area (25 percent)
  • the master's thesis (25 percent)

The first year of study includes the chosen major and the elective area. The elective area includes topics from computer science, business informatics and business administration. The second year of study consists of a project area and the master's thesis.

The software engineering focus area is taught entirely in German. The focus area Information Systems is taught entirely in English.

In the elective area there are both German and English language courses. If the students can only speak one of the two languages ??of instruction (English / German), the choice of options will be restricted. The elective area can - with a limited selection of subjects - be completed in both German and English in one language.

Focus on software engineering

The software engineering focus of the master’s degree in Informatics / Computer Science offers a modern education that tries to do justice to the growing importance of software for innovative products and services in our society, while at the same time increasing complexity and quality requirements. The focus is on the understanding of software systems in the context of human contexts of meaning and action as well as interdisciplinary methods for system design taking into account social, technological and economic framework conditions.

Internationally, the software systems to be developed are becoming increasingly complex, while the demands on the quality of these systems are increasing. In our society, software is also becoming more and more important for the development of innovative products and services, which is why software engineering today has to take into account requirement engineering and usability engineering more and more. It is important to design systems that are not only robust, easy to maintain and change, but also optimally embedded in their context of use.

Before technical system solutions can be designed and implemented, the technical requirements and needs of the users must be recorded in a structured manner; the future system must be modeled with its conditions of use so that an architectural design can be created as the basis for an overall solution strategy. The quality of the technical implementation must also be evaluated and secured up to the final acceptance.

Focus on information systems

The Information Systems focus has two module areas.

In the first area, an IT infrastructure for corporate management is to be developed and implemented; in the second area, the cross-departmental process chains within this IT infrastructure are considered, as is the holistic nature of the corporate IT architecture. Company-specific business process architectures and IT development plans must be coordinated and monitored on the basis of security concepts, cost / benefit analyzes and strategic concepts.

The elective area

5 modules are to be selected in the elective area:

German speaking

  • Special areas of mathematics
  • IT security
  • IT consulting
  • Business process management
  • Management and corporate governance
  • Special areas of the MCI
  • Project management

English speaking

  • Operations Research
  • Data mining
  • Leadership Principles and Strategic Management
  • Databases
  • Business administration
  • Project management

The project area

Three projects must be carried out in the project area.
Either the focus area "Software Engineering" or "Information Systems" is to be completed.


Master’s graduates with a focus on software engineering have excellent opportunities on the job market, especially in managerial positions. This includes fields of activity such as

  • Software architecture
  • Software development
  • Business consulting
  • Usability engineering
  • Requirements management
  • Quality management
  • Project management
  • Teaching and Research

Focus on information systems

Many companies have been facing rapid changes in the IT landscape for years, and at the same time the smooth introduction and functioning of business application systems has become a business-critical factor. Larger companies in particular therefore need computer scientists who, on the one hand, know the company's goals and problem areas and, on the other hand, are able to independently and critically assess the technologies, systems and services offered, to lead development projects in an interdisciplinary manner and to design IT effectively and efficiently .

Graduates of the “Informatics / Computer Science” master’s degree with a focus on “Information Systems” are particularly well prepared for management tasks. However, you not only have a wide range of industries available as a field of application, but also increasingly the entry into management consulting. The master’s graduates of the specialization are well prepared for this as well.


120 ECTS

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