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The course is a practice-oriented bachelor's degree with an interdisciplinary orientation, in which the students develop innovative solutions for the field of drug and drug development through the processing of scientific questions in laboratory internships and their own research projects with strong practical relevance. In addition to primarily scientific aspects, this also includes technical, regulatory and business aspects. The students learn to research complex problems using a wide range of methods. In doing so, they develop competencies for planning, processing and evaluating complex technical tasks and problems as well as for the independent control of processes in sub-areas of their subject or

As part of their studies, graduates of the Bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry acquire a reflexive sensitivity for the highly regulated professional field of drug development and drug production. In doing so, they develop interface skills that enable them to perform a wide range of different activities along the pharmaceutical value chain. With the help of the interdisciplinary horizon they have acquired, they are able to exchange ideas with different disciplines or departments of a pharmaceutical company on various topics relevant to drug and drug development.


The course content is assigned to the fields of activity "Drug Substance" and "Drug Product", following the value chain. In order to create a broad and integrated understanding of the pharmaceutical value chain, the course combines scientific disciplines (theories, methods, practical application) with regulatory and business management content. 

The field of action “Drug Substance” deals with the search for active pharmaceutical ingredients and includes both chemically synthesized small molecules and biotechnologically produced biologics as well as their biological testing. The “Drug Product” field of activity focuses on the formulation of drugs into pharmaceutical dosage forms, including their manufacture and quality control. Both fields of action are flanked by the Regulatory & Value division, which includes regulatory and price / value-creating aspects of drug development. In this way, all disciplines that are required to identify and analyze a drug candidate, as well as to develop, produce and bring the corresponding drug to the market are mapped in the Pharmaceutical Chemistry course.

The students complete a natural science course and receive a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.). He has both an industrial and an academic graduate perspective and thus addresses the primary practice, design and problem-solving orientation as well as the research orientation of the Technical University of Cologne. The course of study distinguishes itself through holistic, synoptic consideration of the discovery and development process of medicinal substances and drugs in terms of content from thematically related courses, which are more oriented towards specific partial or framework aspects of the value chain.

The Pharmaceutical Chemistry course has a fundamentally international focus and thus takes into account the fact that most of the graduates are likely to work in global companies in their professional practice.


In the pharmaceutical or chemical industry, but also in contract research organizations (Contract Research Organizations, CROs) or with contract manufacturers (Contract Manufacturing Organizations, CMOs):
- as a laboratory employee / manager in the fields of analysis, synthesis, screening, pharmacology , Pharmacokinetics, biotechnology and galenic development
- as a project assistant or manager in the areas of preclinical and clinical development, production, approval, drug safety, quality assurance and management as well as pricing and market access.

In scientific institutes:
- as a research assistant in the areas

Medicinal chemistry, genetic engineering, pharmacology,  
drug delivery, clinical studies, health economics / health policy, evaluation of drugs, market access and evidence-based medicine.

In authorities or institutions similar to authorities:
- As a research assistant in the areas of approval, evaluation of drugs and market access.

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