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The broad-based “General Mechanical Engineering” course opens up a large number of fields of work in industry. The focus is on manufacturing (metal / plastics), construction and environmental technology. Thanks to the extensive contacts between the Gummersbach campus and industry, the junior staff get to know potential employers in Germany and abroad as they study.


The course has a standard period of six semesters; if you choose the practical semester, there are seven. The first two semesters comprise the joint basic course, which is the same for the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and industrial engineering courses. The students only decide on a course and specialization after the second semester.

Through the course of study, the prospective engineers should learn how to analyze problems, especially in technical practice. The solutions should also fit economically and take into account the social or ecological framework.

In the 5th and 6th semesters, students can choose a focus area for their studies on their own initiative. The options are manufacturing (metal and plastics), construction and environmental technology.

A special opportunity: the part-time course

The study area has a special offer for single parents, the disabled or the chronically ill, carers for relatives, but also for competitive athletes: studying part-time in the "General Mechanical Engineering" and "Industrial Engineering" courses. The courses can be completed in eight semesters (without an internship) or nine semesters (with an internship) with the same course content, scope and exams. All regulations of the examination regulations apply mutatis mutandis with an extension of the standard course duration of two semesters and a reduced number of credit points per semester.

The modules of the part-time course are identical to those of the full-time bachelor course in the basic and main courses.


180 ECTS or
210 ECTS in the case of an integrated, optional practical semester


Mechanical engineers are sought after as employees in almost all branches of industry, business and public administrations and institutions:

  • Mechanical engineering industry with tool, textile, printing, construction, agricultural machinery, woodworking, plastics processing machines, conveyor and elevator systems, apparatus engineering, etc.
  • chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Mining / raw material extraction
  • Power generation
  • Vehicle industry / transportation
  • Electrical industry
  • Services (rail, post, telecommunications, TÜV, insurance, consulting company)
  • Public service

The main employer is the medium-sized mechanical engineering industry with its diverse areas of responsibility. The career prospects for mechanical engineering students are excellent. The low number of graduates and beginners contrasts with high demand from industry. Thanks to the excellent contacts between the Gummersbach campus and companies, the young people make extensive contacts with industry during their studies in projects or during their practical semester.

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