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The “Compliance Manager Digitization and Law” certificate offer takes place in the summer semester (March – June) and consists of a total of four modules that are offered on two consecutive days (Friday / Saturday) as a face-to-face event (workshops) or online event. Qualified lecturers from science and practice are available for this purpose. The university certificate "Compliance Manager Digitization and Law" is awarded by participating in all four modules within one semester and after passing a two-hour exam. The modules can also be taken individually. In this case, a certificate of attendance will be issued. 


The certificate offer will take place as an online event in the summer semester 2021.
Fridays from 3 p.m. to 6.30 p.m., Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.


Module 1

March 5th / 6th, 2021, Speaker: Dr. Christian Burholt March
12/13, 2021, Speaker: Dr. Christian Burhol

Compliance Management System (CMS):

  • Compliance basics
  • Liability in the company
  • N12./13.03.2021, Speaker: Dr. Christian Burhol Necessity / duty of a CMS
  • Standards / pillars of a CMS
  • Requirements, core tasks and liability of compliance officers
  • Conception, implementation, monitoring and (continuous) readjustment of a CMS
  • Interaction with other management systems (quality management, risk management)
  • Whistleblowing systems / whistleblowing hotlines / ombudsmen
  • Implementation of the CMS in the (cross-border) group

 Module 2

April 23/24, 2021, Speaker: Prof. Dr. Achim Schmidtmann
May 7th / 8th, 2021, Speaker: Prof. Dr. Achim Schmidtmann

IT compliance and data security:

  • IT compliance - meaning, classification, tasks, national and international requirements, reference models / frameworks COSO and COBIT
  • IT risk management - meaning and tasks, ISO 31000 / AS / NZ 4360: 2004 frameworks and IT risk framework
  • IT security - meaning and tasks, threats and protective measures, challenges of the EU GDPR for IT, ISO 27001 and information security management systems, basic IT protection according to BSI and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

 Module 3

March 19/20, 2021, Part 1 - Risks of digitization, Speaker: Prof. Dr. iur. Daniel Antonius Hötte
June 18/19, 2021, Part 2 - Data protection law, Speaker: Dr. Berthold Hilderink

Risks of digitization and data protection law:

  • Right to data
  • IP law
  • Standards and contracts
  • Liability / product liability law
  • Autonomous Systems - Accountability, Attribution, and Insurability
  • Cloud computing
  • Overview of the GDPR
  • special requirements in the employment relationship
  • Handling customer data - big data, data mining & customer relationships
  • Ensuring, monitoring and organizing data protection compliance

 Module 4

May 28/290, 2021, Part 1 - Antitrust Law, Speaker: Prof. Dr. iur. Kirsten Beckmann
June 11th / 12th, 2021, Part 2 - Criminal Law, Speaker: Dr. Vivien Veit

Risks of criminal and competition law, internal investigations:

  • Corruption, infidelity and fraud
  • Criminal liability in the case of autonomous systems
  • Criminal product liability when using algorithms
  • Forms of cybercrime and current and planned legal framework
  • Antitrust compliance
  • Cartel agreements through the use of computers and algorithms
  • Internet, platform and search engine bans
  • Limits of geo-blocking measures
  • Conduct in the event of investigations by the prosecuting authorities, including e-raids
  • Internal investigation


Completed university degree (diploma, bachelor, etc.).


The certificate offer prepares the participants for the tasks of a compliance officer in a digitized work environment. The target group are executives as well as employees from the legal department, the compliance department, the IT department or from other organizational units in the company who deal with compliance issues. Participation is also possible for specialized lawyers and advisors. Entry requirement is a completed university degree.

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