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The fields of activity of product designers are as diverse as the world of things with which we live. Products are created manually, industrially and, due to the digitization of the design, planning and production processes, increasingly also in mixed forms of these processes.

The four professors of the product design course do not represent any subject areas in the traditional sense. You formulate and supervise projects that focus on industry-related or artisanal product design, interaction design, design and management, mobility, product and the environment, scenic design or exhibition design.



The design criteria in product design are aesthetic, semantic, symbolic, fashionable, technical and material-related. As a rule, design work is based on research, conceptual considerations, free sensory research, sketches, experiments, material studies, digital design tools, right through to presentations, models and Patterns developed.

In addition to the aspects of aesthetics, comprehensibility, meaningfulness and attractiveness of a product, designers are asked to consider questions of prudent production, energy consumption and resource conservation and to answer them as far as possible.

Electronic technologies in particular, which are firmly anchored in design and production, require cooperative working methods as well as personalities who achieve consensus among one another without loss of quality. The distribution of the products and their communication through the media as well as the integration into the material cycle and user behavior are fixed components of the design.

The design also has to address issues to which the academic concept of art does not react. The pragmatic requirement is: search, think, experiment, discuss and work together.

After a standard study period of 8 semesters, the first qualifying degree that can be obtained is the degree of "Bachelor of Arts" (BA).


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