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The IELTS exam pattern 2021 comprises four sections, Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The students are evaluated on these four parameters. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS exam) can be given in two formats namely IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training Test. Candidates should check the rules and regulations of the college/university they are applying to and then prepare accordingly. IELTS Academic is welcomed by universities globally where candidates apply for pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate courses. The IELTS test pattern includes 4 sections that evaluate the candidates' ability on various parameters.

It is also accepted by professional organizations that ask for English language proficiency scores from the candidates whose native language is not English. Before arranging for the IELTS Exam 2021 should always check for the IELTS test pattern 2021 and then start preparing for the test. However, IELTS General Training is given by those who are planning to migrate to a major English speaking nation. It can also be given by those who are shifting to a different country for work-related training. IELTS Test Score plays an important role in the selection criteria. This exam is conducted and administered by the ETS, Educational Testing Service, across the world. This exam is accepted by more than 10,000 educational institutes in more than 150 countries worldwide. 

ELTS Paper Pattern

Sections with Duration 

IELTS Academic Test Description

Total Questions


(30 minutes)

It encompasses four recorded monologues and conversations



(60 minutes)

Three long reading passages with tasks

Texts range from descriptive and factual to discursive, and analytical includes non-verbal material like diagrams, graphs, and illustrations texts are authentic (taken from books, journals, and newspapers)



(60 minutes)

A writing task of at least 150 words where the candidate must summarize, describe or explain table, graph, chart, or diagram, and another short essay task of at least 250 words



(11-14 minutes)

The face-to-face interview includes short questions, speaking at length about a familiar topic, and a structured discussion


IELTS Test Pattern


In order to understand the IELTS Test Pattern properly , studnets should also know the IELTS Syllabus.

IELTS Syllabus includes different sections, Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The complete test duration is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

  • Listening: The total length of this section is 30 minutes and it is divided into four parts candidates have to answer different types of 40 questions.
  • Reading: The reading section comprises of three texts of general interest that deals with issues which are suitable for candidates going to pursue post-graduate or undergraduate program. The total time for this section is 60 minutes and it comprises almost 40 questions.
  • Writing: The time taken for this section is 60 minutes and involves of two questions where students are expected to write a short essay of a atleast of 250 words. apart from this, students are given data, tables, or diagrams which the candidates have to explain in their own words.
  • Speaking: The total time of this section differs from 11 to 14 minutes and students also have to give a face-to-face interview. With the help of this section, the students are checked whether they can communicate successfully in the country where they have applied.

IELTS Exam Pattern FAQs

Q. What is the passing band score in the IELTS exam?

A. The complete band score is the average of all the sections together. IELTS is scored on a scale of 0 to 9. There is nothing like passing or failing as it monitors a candidate's language skills.

Q. How many IELTS Tests Report Forms (TRFs) can I get?

A. Students receive only 1 copy of the Test Report Form. However, the administrative body will send your IELTS score (TRF) to up to 5 Universities that you have selected in the IELTS application form.

Q. Which is the most difficult section in IELTS?

A. Mostly, candidates find the Listening section the most difficult in the IELTS exam. It is because of the details they need to hear and remember while answering the questions.

Q. Which is the easiest section of IELTS?

A. Basically, students are most comfortable with the Speaking section of IELTS as they have worked on it the most.

Q. How difficult is the IELTS exam?

A. There arent any direct answer to this question. IELTS is designed to test how well one can use English. It evaluates your English writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills. Like any other exam, you also need to prepare in depth for it. Also, there is no pass or fail in IELTS.

Q. How many days it takes to prepare for IELTS?

A. Students should understand the exam pattern and topics you are going to cover in each of the section. Once you are confident with the exam format then prepare a study plan and give at least 5-6 weeks to follow it. After covering all the topics go for the IELTS practice tests and attempt them in such a way that you are giving the exam.

Q. Is 1 month enough to prepare for IELTS?

A. It depends on your current knowledge of the English language. If you are proficient in English then you can prepare for the IELTS exam in a month or maybe even less. But, it takes a lot more time to learn language skills. It also depends on the number of hours you are dedicating every day. If you are studying for long hours then you may cover all the topics in less time. However, a few days or weeks may not be enough to master a language it can take up to months.

Q. Can I pass the IELTS exam without studying?

A. If the student are accomplished in the English language then they can get a good score even with a little amount of preparation. However, students can improve their performance by preparing for the IELTS exam.

Q. What is a good IELTS score?

A. Candidates should know about the scoring of IELTS before taking the test. Understand the IELTS band score here.

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