The bachelor's degree in biology aims to impart the necessary knowledge about research areas, topics, principles, theories and methods of the subject, taking into account the requirements of the world of work. This enables students to do scientific work, to form scientifically sound judgments, to critically reflect on scientific findings and to act responsibly. This applies on the one hand to the qualification to study master’s courses and on the other hand to the qualification for activities in the corresponding professional fields. Students acquire this competence through a combination of face-to-face teaching, virtual teaching and self-study, individually and in groups. Studying biology at the Humboldt University in Berlin also enables early participation in research projects. The course promotes internationalization through the possibility of studying abroad. In addition, interdisciplinary skills are taught. These enable the creation of interdisciplinary references and the acquisition of key qualifications such as language skills, intercultural skills, social skills, gender skills, methodological skills and information and media skills. Successful completion of the course qualifies you for work in basic and applied research in universities, museums, clinics, research institutes and companies in the fields of biology, medicine, medical technology, pharmaceutical development, biotechnology and environmental protection.


The bachelor's degree in biology offers a broad basic education in organismic biology (botany, zoology), physiology, microbiology, molecular cell biology and ecology. In addition, the knowledge necessary for understanding modern biological issues is imparted in mathematics as well as in the scientific disciplines chemistry (as a minor) and physics. Special features to be emphasized are the close connection with the biophysics course as well as the imparting of basic knowledge in immunology. In addition, offers from the areas of parasitology, developmental biology and theoretical biology can be selected in the advanced phase. Participation in a current research project is also part of the training.



Mono Bachelor in Biology with 180 CP

Compulsory area (75 CP)
module designation scope
Bio1 Introduction to Biology 10 LP
Bio2 Evolution, structure and function of plants 5 LP
Bio3 Knowledge of forms of native plants and animals 5 LP
Bio4 Animal morphology and evolution 5 LP
BioAC General and inorganic chemistry 10 LP
BioMA1 Mathematical Foundations of Biology 1 5 LP
BioMA2 Mathematical foundations of biology 2 5 LP
BioOC Organic chemistry 10 LP
BioPH1 Physics 1 5 LP
BioPH2 Physics 2 5 LP
BioBA bachelor thesis 10 LP
Subject-specific elective area (85 CP)

Advanced (55 CP)

module designation scope
Bio5 biochemistry 5/10 LP
Bio6 Physical chemistry and biophysics 5/10 LP
Bio7 Animal and neurophysiology 5/10 LP
Bio8 Genetics and Molecular Cell Biology 5/10 LP
Bio9 microbiology 5/10 LP
Bio10 ecology 5/10 LP
Bio11 Plant physiology 5/10 LP

A total of four modules totaling 10 CP and three modules totaling 5 CP must be completed.

Specializing (30 CP)

module designation scope
Bio12 Study project 20 LP
BioXY Biology specialization 10 LP
Interdisciplinary elective area (20 CP)

In the interdisciplinary compulsory elective area, modules from the module catalogs of other subjects or central institutions provided for this purpose totaling 10 CP are to be completed freely ( http://agnes.hu-berlin.de/ ). In addition, another module from the specialized area (BioXY) with a total of 10 CP must be completed.

Offers in the interdisciplinary compulsory elective area for other courses of study

module designation scope
Bio13 Research fields of biology - organismic biology and evolution 5 LP
Bio14 Research fields in biology - molecular life sciences 5 LP



A total of 180 credit points (CP *) must be acquired.

Obligatory: . 75 LP including thesis
Professional main electives: 85 LP
About Professional main electives: 20 credits

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