The bachelor's degree in sports science conveys broad and integrated basic knowledge of the subject. The students acquire a critical understanding of important theories, principles and methods with a special profile in the field of "Sport, Exercise and Education". The aim of the sport science degree is to train experts in the field of sport, exercise and education who can develop, plan, implement, assess and evaluate sport and exercise offers in different educational settings.

The later occupational field of the graduates lies in organizations that provide exercise-related educational offers or use sport and exercise as a medium for conveying educational content (e.g. clubs, associations, Olympic training centers, health insurance companies, research institutions, companies, schools, day-care centers, etc. ).

The course opens up the possibility of participating in research and development projects at an early stage. In addition, the overarching goal of the course is to acquire qualified access to the master’s course in sports science.

What distinguishes the study of sports science at the HU?

The Humboldt University is home to the only institute for sports science in the state of Berlin. The capital institute is located in the heart of Berlin, in a modernized historical building with very well-equipped laboratories and a newly built sports research hall. It is one of the largest institutes in Germany and the university lecturers are networked in a variety of ways outside the university. The institute enables competitive athletes in different sports to have the best possible framework conditions to successfully tackle their dual career of competitive sports training and sports science education. In the bachelor's degree, basic knowledge and skills in all sports science sub-disciplines as well as practical fields are imparted (the focus is not on doing your own sports; appropriate skills are required). Numerous international collaborations of the institute mean that stays abroad at various universities are possible through the Erasmus program. The course offers the opportunity to select differentiated individual focus areas in the sports science fields of culture, health and performance in the advanced study.



Mono bachelor sports science with 180 CP

Compulsory area (140 CP)

module designation scope
B 1 Morphology and function of the human motor system 10 LP
B 2 Movement and sport as social phenomena 10 LP
DMS 1 Experience, understand and learn individual forms of movement 10 LP
DMS 2 Experience, understand and learn sports games 10 LP
V 1 Methods 10 LP
V 2 Exercise, sport and organization 10 LP
V 3 Exercise, sport and health 10 LP
V 4 Research-related project module 10 LP
DMS 3 Forms of movement and sports games expand and deepen 10 LP
DMS 4 Arranging and staging sport and exercise in different contexts 10 LP
DMS 5 Individual forms of movement and sports games: theory module 10 LP
BZQ 1 internship 10 LP
BZQ 2 Technical application knowledge 10 LP
  bachelor thesis 10 LP

Subject-specific elective area (10 CP)

It is a select of the two modules.

module designation scope
V 5a Exercise, sport and the individual 10 LP
V 5b Exercise, sport and performance 10 LP

Interdisciplinary elective area (30 CP)

Modules totaling 20 CP must be completed, which are offered by other subjects or central institutions as part of the interdisciplinary elective area ( hu.berlin/agnes ). Another 10 CP are acquired as interdisciplinary key qualifications (BZQ 3) in the central facilities of the HU (language center, career center).

Interdisciplinary compulsory elective area for other bachelor's degree programs

module designation scope
B 1 Morphology and function of the human motor system 10 LP
B 2 Movement and sport as social phenomena 10 LP
DMS 5 Individual forms of movement and sports games: theory module 10 LP



a. Practical sports affinity and aptitude for sports : Proof of a total of at least 33 grade points in the subject of sports from 3 semesters of the last four semesters of the Abitur (qualification phase) or corresponding school performance at a comparable qualification level If the subject of sport is enrolled as an advanced course, a performance level of at least 30 grade points is sufficient.

There is no aptitude test at the HU .

Alternative : Passing the sports aptitude test from another university (www.sport-eignungspruefung.de) (not older than 2 years before the start of the application period).

b. Fitness for sport : medical certificate (not older than 1 year; www.spowi.hu-berlin.de/de/studium/info-fuer-studienbewerber/studienbewerber_html )

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