The consecutive master’s degree in Romance Studies at Heinrich Heine University builds on a previous successful Bachelor’s degree in Romance studies and is aimed at academically interested students.
This four-semester course with a Master of Arts (MA) degree is admission-free with "Proof of special aptitude" (application and aptitude assessment take place directly at Heinrich Heine University) and can be started in the summer and winter semesters.The master's degree in Romance Studies: Cultural Contacts and Communication imparts knowledge of media and cultural theory, trains practical media skills and perfects foreign language skills in two Romance languages. The focus of the course is on the analysis of transcultural processes (can be experienced, for example, in films) and the latest media discourse practice, as it is developing, for example, in online communication. Within the framework of these focal points, the students formulate problems and work on them from cultural, literary and pragmalinguistic perspectives. The lecturers support you in formulating your own proposed solutions and motivate you to implement theoretical models and methods critically, courageously and creatively. Graduates of the master's degree in Romance Studies: Cultural Contacts and Communication are qualified to undertake more extensive research (doctorate) as well as to start a career in journalism, in PR departments, in cultural management or in European institutions.As a media city and political center that is close to the European institutions in Brussels, Düsseldorf offers a decisive location advantage.


It is characteristic of the research-oriented master’s degree in Romance Studies in Düsseldorf that you deal with two Romance language and cultural areas, whereby you choose the main focus yourself. Another characteristic is the combination of well-founded philological knowledge with communication media and knowledge related to cultural areas.


A two-year master’s degree in Romance studies can be added to a successfully completed bachelor’s degree or comparable study achievements. On the basis of the competencies that you have acquired in the bachelor's degree in the areas of linguistics and literary studies as well as in the area of ??language practice, you will be familiarized with the latest methods for solving scientific problems and acquiring in-depth specialist knowledge.


The Romance courses prepare you for work in the following professional fields:

  • Multilingual information; Knowledge and culture management
  • New media (media and communication technologies)
  • Activities in publishing and press, radio and television
  • Use in European and international organizations, companies and educational institutions
  • International project management
  • Foreign language copywriting and international public relations
  • Country and culture-specific training and further education in companies, activities in the new "language industries" (e.g. sector support for portals, development of digital lexicons,
  • Creation of learning software)
  • Foreign language teacher in the school sector, in education management or in adult education
  • Scientific career

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