The one-year master’s degree in "Cultural and Social Studies in Japan" follows a four-year bachelor’s degree in a compact form and enables the master’s degree to be completed within one year. The focus is on the development of advanced language skills, the individual research priorities already set during a one-year stay in Japan and the targeted preparation for a scientific activity.


In the first semester, you will deepen the language skills you have acquired during your one-year stay in Japan as part of your Bachelor's degree in the "Academic Japanese" module. Here you will translate, discuss current topics in Japanese and learn how to express yourself academically in Japanese. Also in the first semester you will complete the module "Cultural and Social Studies in Japan". This module enables you to set individual priorities according to your own research interests. Here you choose two courses on current topics in cultural and social science research on Japan. The "Being Academic" module extends over the first and second semesters of study. Here you are pursuing your own scientific project and will receive a lecturer from the institute as a mentor. Your master's thesis in the second semester concludes your studies


The course is consecutive and requires completion of the four-year bachelor’s course variant Bachelor Plus “Cultural and Social Studies in Japan” or a comparable four-year bachelor’s course (240 CP), in which at least 80 CP can be proven in Japanese studies or in Japanese studies modules. Very good knowledge of English and a stay in Japan of at least two semesters are also necessary prerequisites for enrollment in the one-year master’s course "Cultural and Social Studies in Japan".

In detail, you must meet the following requirements in order to be accepted into the one-year master’s course:

  • A four-year "Bachelor of Arts" (240 CP) with at least 80 CP in Japanese Studies / Japanese Studies modules.
  • A stay in Japan of at least two semesters must be proven in addition to the subject-related relevance and language skills.
  • Japanese language training of at least 88 hours per week as part of a Japanese studies course (events from study abroad in Japan can be taken into account).
    certificate of passing the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), at least level N2.
  • The language skills must be available at the time of application; they cannot be made up.


Our one-year master’s course enables you to pursue an academic career by focusing on expanding your own research. In addition, similar to the two-year "Modern Japan" master’s degree, graduates of the one-year master’s degree are also interested in professional fields such as press and publishing, media, journalism, libraries, museums and archives, cultural institutes, adult education or international organizations and commercial enterprises.

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