The “Comparative Studies” master’s degree is a single-subject master’s degree and builds on a successful bachelor’s degree (in English and American studies). By acquiring in-depth specialist and key qualifications, it enables students to start a professional career as well as to conduct independent academic research.

The Institute for English and American Studies represents the entire spectrum of Anglo-American cultural, literary and linguistic studies from its beginnings (approx. 7th century) to the present day. In the “Comparative Studies” master’s degree, the focus is on acquiring knowledge in individual areas of the subject (older and newer English studies, American studies, Anglophone literatures, English linguistics) and the analysis of English-language literatures, cultures and the English language. These are conveyed across national and disciplinary boundaries. 

The Düsseldorf Master's in “Comparative Studies” thus offers a study format that is unique in Germany.


The core concepts conveyed during the course include "World Englishes", "World Literature", "Transatlantic American Studies" and "Anglophony". These form an essential part of today's professional world, which is characterized by globalization, intercultural contact, translation and transnational transfer. The “Comparative Studies” master’s program therefore particularly qualifies for a wide range of professional opportunities.
The MA “Comparative Studies” comprises a total of seven specialist modules from the five faculties of the institute as well as an application-related language practice area. The specialist modules include a compulsory basic module, a project module that includes a practical component, and the final module that is attended as part of the master's thesis.
Alternatively, the MA "Comparative Studies" course can also be studied exclusively with one of the following focuses:
American Studies - Anglophone Literatures and Cultures - English Linguistics - Modern English Literature - Medieval British Culture: Language and Literature


Admission requirements for the master’s course are the qualified completion of a relevant bachelor’s course with a minimum grade of 2.5 and proof of relevant knowledge of the English language at level C1. The latter is evidenced by a written, scientific work and a letter of motivation. All students who want to be admitted to the master's degree in "Comparative Studies" have to undergo a so-called "aptitude test". This applies to internal and external applicants, regardless of their average grade.

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